Top RoadLoans Customer Questions – Part 1

Top RoadLoans Customer Questions

At RoadLoans, we do a great job of simplifying the auto-loan and car-shopping experience, and we are proud of that.

Additionally, we encourage people to educate themselves about credit and the processes involving car loans and car shopping. We hope that this does not send a mixed message in which we tell you that there is a lot to know about auto loans and car shopping and that we simplify that process. In fact, both are true. The service we provide involves shouldering some of the burden of expertise in auto finance and the process of buying a car.

Today, Scott Rundle, our vice president of direct originations, who is the central source of information and education for our customers, has given us the first installment of what hopefully will become a regular series of your most-often-asked questions and their official answers. Think of this as an FAQ but from the people on the front lines. Very valuable stuff.

Customer question: Can I get a lower rate on my offer?

Answer from the experts: Probably not right now. The rate we offer is based on what we determine to be your overall creditworthiness, based on all the information at our disposal, and is the best rate we have to offer at that time. Making changes to your credit report that may improve your creditworthiness eventually may affect your ability to get different offers from lenders like us, but improving your credit usually takes time. Your preferred dealer may be able to provide additional financing options.

Customer question: Can you send me a list of dealers?

Answer from the experts: We do not provide lists of dealers for a simple reason: It complicates instead of simplifying. At RoadLoans, we have refined a process of providing our customers with a fantastic experience that is as simple and uncomplicated as possible. We recommend a carefully selected and qualified auto dealer who carries a selection of vehicles of the type(s) and price range(s) for which you qualify, and who does business in your area. To summarize a complex idea: we are confident your preferred dealer will be able to provide you with the best customer experience.

Customer question: Can I shop at any dealer?

Answer from the experts: Yes, but to have the best experience, we encourage you to shop at a dealer within our preferred network. We have a good working relationship with the dealers in our network and trust that they will work with our customers to get them the best deal, as well as having other financing opportunities for you to review. Of course, if you still would like to shop at a non-preferred dealer, you have that option.

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