Throwing the perfect Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is the big game, literally and figuratively. So it deserves a big party.

But what does it take to throw a great one? Less than you might think. It may take no more than a visible television and some good food, but of course, that special little ingredient always helps – pizzazz. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this year, think of it as an opportunity for a little showmanship, and your guests will just love it and won’t forget it.

Let’s take a look at a few of the great ideas out there for adding a little more flair to the already abundant fun.

Tailgating – at home

Having an indoor AND an outdoor area for partygoers to enjoy the game is an excellent way to incorporate some of the fresh-air fun of actually attending the game, including a tailgating-style grilling station and, if you have room, maybe even a friendly game of catch.

Potluck for the Superest Bowl

Crowdsourcing the menu can put smiles on the faces of the talented cooks among your friends, and just might guarantee that you won’t run out of food or break the bank preparing it.

Football inspired decorated food

This one is really surprisingly easy, as a football is basically a hardly-modified-at-all round shape. So just think of anything you can shape and decorate to look like a football, and you’re pretty much already there. Bonus points go to kitchen ninjas that make chocolate covered strawberry footballs. That’s just a win all the way around.

Gourmet touches to traditional gut-buster snacks

A little less oil in the spinach artichoke dip to let the green flavor peek through, a little bit of blue cheese crumbled on to your traditional family potato skin recipe … There are always one or two things you can do to pump up the flavor and pull back on the regret factor in party recipes. Explore things that you already like, and have fun seeing what is a little healthier and more delicious!

Let loose the children

Let’s face it. Watching a slow, long game featuring singers and artists that the kids may not enjoy probably won’t keep their attention the way it keeps yours. That’s okay. From mini-football matches to a kid-friendly snack table with pre-packaged treats that they beg for during the rest of the year, there are simple ways to let your kids have something to enjoy and look forward to, while keeping the betting parlor main watching room as kid-free as possible.

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