Six essential gadgets for a successful tailgate party

Tailgating (not the kind that rude people do on the highway, the kind that awesome people do before/after sporting events, in stadium parking lots) consists of equal parts art, science, and deliciousness.

So when you’re gearing up to get your grill on, you momentarily may think that you’re crazy for buying A ROBOT THAT CLEANS YOUR GRILL FOR YOU after you’ve finished making your famous BBQ-onion-sauce burgers and mustard-battered beer brats. But, really, wouldn’t it be crazy not to have one? I mean, what kind of philistine tailgate party would that even be?

Not to worry. We have compiled a list of the most indispensible gadgets and gizmos for on-the-go gourmets and gastronomists. And we have chosen them all from that most venerated dispensary of the humble staples of life: SkyMall.

Start here, and you can’t go wrong.



Top Chef™ BBQ & Knife Set

That grilling meat won’t know what hit it. Strictly for expert grillmasters and professional ninjas, this Top Chef™ BBQ & Knife Set will turn grocery meat into gourmet delights, keeping you on top of your game.



Sippy Wine Glass

Now, you may not be able to gracefully pull off using a sippy-cup to drink your wine. Outside. At a tailgate party. In a parking lot. However, if someone asks you what you’re using, and you tell them that it’s a tasse évolutive pour les adultes de boire du vin, and that simply everyone is using them these days, you should encounter no social penalties. Actually, write us and let us know how that goes. We’re curious.



Picnic Table Set Wood

Sit in style, four at a time. Pack and bring this portable wood picnic table, and easily unfold it when it’s time to chow down.



Rechargeable Long Range Wireless Stereo Speakers

When you’re listening to the pregame and shuffling from grill to car to seat to mylar-blimp-piloting station and back to grill again, you don’t want to trip over wires. Sharp cooking implements and flammable compressed gases make tumbling around more hazardous than normal. Save yourself the hassle with these rechargeable, long-range, wireless speakers.



Travel Charge Quad Power Hub

Don’t burn out the batteries on your mobile devices before the game even starts. Use this charging hub to keep four of your family’s devices full of juice.



Collegiate 2-Shelf Portable Bar

Is it your turn to tend bar? Support your favorite college team while serving libations to thirsty friends with this custom, college-team-branded, portable, two-shelf bar. Especially useful when you don’t like either of the professional teams playing at the event you’re attending.

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