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It is summertime, and the weather…well, it can be warm to extremely hot depending on where you live. But that doesn’t stop adventurous folks from taking a road trip on the weekends.

Oftentimes, these trips turn out to be a lot of fun: Parents who’ve been busy with work get to spend quality time with their children and make long-lasting memories, for example.

The digital revolution has made remembering and capturing special moments very easy. We encourage you to share your road trip stories on this summer.

We will post your travel tales (pictures) on our social media channels: Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Who knows? Your experience might inspire others to go on a road trip and make some sweet memories!

What’s in it for you? Well, every qualifying entrant will win a minimum of $20. The top three entries (that gets the most votes) will win $100 each.

It’s simple to enter the contest. Just submit your picture and write a brief description!

Contest Rules


RoadLoans road trip, monthly contest will begin on July 1, 2013 and end on April 30, 2014. The contest will be conducted exclusively on the RoadLoans Facebook, Google+ and Instagram pages. Submissions for the contests will be accepted from the first day of the month till the last day of the month. All eligible participants can win up to $100.

How to Enter

Legal residents of North America who are 21 years of age or older can take part in the contest. In order to participate, the participants must do the following:

  1. Submit entries to the contest page through RoadLoans Facebook, Google+ or Instagram pages, using the hashtag #RoadLoans.
  2. Participants must follow the instructions and provide: their name, phone number, email address and any additional contact information that is requested, to register for a chance to win.
  3. All entries must be submitted before the deadline (end of the month).


The submission deadline for each month is the last day of every month.

Eligibility Restrictions

  1. Legal residents of North America who are 21 years of age or older at the time of contest registration.
  2. One entry per person or household.
  3. One email per person or household during the contest.
  4. In case of a dispute, the entry will be considered to have been made by the authorized holder of the email account at the time it was entered.
  5. Returning contestants cannot submit entries that were submitted in the preceding months.
  6. Contestants agree to abide with any applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations.


  1. All eligible participants can win from $20 up to $100.
  2. The top three contestants that get the most votes will receive the top prize of $100 each.
  3. All cash prizes won will be awarded in the form of Prepaid Visa Cards.

How to Win

Ask your friends and family to Like, +1 and Share your photo. At the end of every month, the social media team will select the top three winners (based on the number of votes received) for the top cash prizes.

Please note that from December, entrants are only eligible to win 100$ (Grand Prize) only once. Entrants who have won 100$ (Grand Prize) are still welcome to participate. However, they will only be eligible to win 20$, regardless of the number of votes their entries receive. We made this decision to open up the opportunity to win 100$ for more participants.

Enter Contest

RoadLoans Road Trip FAQs

  • How is the winner determined? Everyone who participates will get a prize.  The top 3 will be determined by the number of votes.
  • What are the prizes? The top 3 winners will receive a $100 Prepaid Visa Card, and all other qualifying participants will receive $20 Prepaid Visa Cards.
  • What counts as a submission? Submissions will consist of a written description, and a picture of the entrant’s road trip experience.
  • Where will my submission go? After you submit your photo along with your description, the social media team will approve it, and it will go live (on the Contest Page).
  • If I’m not one of the top three in the month that I posted my trip, am I still eligible to win in the following months? Yes. However, you can’t submit the same entry. It must be another entry (different from the one already posted), to be eligible to win in a different month.
  • Can multiple people from my home submit different trips to increase my odds of winning? No. Only one trip per household.  More than one submission will disqualify that person and family for that month.
  • What if I have two email addresses, can I submit two different pictures? No. Only one trip, per person, per month may be submitted.  Any violation of this rule will disqualify you for that month.
  • What if my email changes during the month? The email used for the submission is the email that we will use to contact you. If that email is no longer in use at the end of the month, then we will give the prize to the runner-up, so make sure the same email is active for the entire month.

Here are some of our road trip experiences: 

Road trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma:

Road trip in Sri Lanka:

Road trip from North Carolina to Dallas, Texas:

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