On the road again; I just can’t wait …

On the road again; I just can’t wait…

Road trip.
There’s just something magical about putting those two words together.
Really, who doesn’t need to take a road trip now and then just to maintain some perspective? Road trips are poetry in motion, literally, with calming and deeply restorative effects.
The phrase conjures different things for different people, but usually evokes images of traveling companions – family or friends – rolling down a scenic highway to an interesting destination. I’ve taken road trips with my family for vacations and father-son bonding road trips.
Among my all-time favorite road trip destinations – along with some of the roads we take to get there – are Santa Fe, NM; Durango, CO; Mount Nebo, AR; San Antonio, TX; the Northwest Coast; The Outer Banks, NC, and Bar Harbor, ME. But you certainly could come up with a list of your own top road trip destinations, I imagine, and they would be just as interesting and dear to your heart. Places that rev your engine and make you eager to get on the road again.
But just in case you need some help, Rand McNally and USA Today teamed up to bring you – and me – “Best of the Road,” a detailed online guide to nearly 300 of the best road trips spread across every region of the United States and Canada.
“Over the years our editors drove thousands of miles on America’s byways seeking out the ‘Best of the Road,’” according to Rand McNally’s introduction. “This is our collection of [the] best road trips that must be traveled at least once in a lifetime.”
Here are some other links you might find helpful in planning your road trip:

And if the trips highlighted there aren’t enough, Google “best road trips” for a lot more ideas. Then pack the car, grab a map (or GPS) and get out on the road again.

What are your favorite road trip destinations, and what is it you like about them?

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