Moving a Car Out of State Might be Easier Than You Think

Moving ranks in the top five most stress-inducing events that can happen to a person. (Money, career, personal relationships and health are up there too.) Springtime is the most popular time in the real estate market, and if you’re one of the many people planning a relocation, your to-do list is probably overflowing. Finding new living quarters, schools, jobs and friends are on that list, don’t forget to include moving your car in the equation.

If you’re moving cross-country, remember safety standards and emission laws vary. If your car is used, will it pass all the tests? Call your state motor vehicle office and get the details.

If you decide to keep your vehicle, an auto mover can be immensely helpful. When researching local movers’ credentials, ask the Better Business Bureau (or any organization they’re affiliated with) for their track record. Ask for a written contract and full-coverage certificate insurance.

If your car might fail the tests, consider lightening your load by selling your car. Maybe you can afford to be a pedestrian for a few weeks before the relocation. Once you’re moved, let the car shopping fun begin. RoadLoans can help familiarize you with auto loan jargon. While unpacking boxes, you can watch our videos and decide what kind of car you’ll drive in your new city. In as much time as it takes to complete a change of address form, you can apply for an auto loan with Roadloans.

Moving can be a stressful process, and RoadLoans is here to make the transition smooth. Now get back to packing!

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