Holiday Road Trip

Every holiday season, there is one tradition that millions of Americans participate in that can be delightful and relaxing, but might also be difficult, dangerous, infuriating, expensive and fraught with the perils of high adventure: the road trip.

No big deal, right? It depends on many factors, and no one knows better than you do how easy or tricky it can be to cram your family into your vehicle and get from one place to another.

If the family that you are visiting lives nearby, then bringing the clan to see the relatives on a holiday may not be too much of a problem.

But for those whose families live more than an hour away, and who may have a serious trek ahead of them, here’s some advice on how to get everyone in the family sleigh, cozy and comfortable, and get from home, over the river, through the wood, to Grandmother’s house and back again.



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