Father’s Day 2015 – Go the extra mile for Dad


Between the gifts of greeting cards, the bacon-themed snacks and the beard oil, this weekend, let’s celebrate all the fathers out there with a little extra love and a little more of what they really like.

If the dad in your life is like a lot of dads, he might like cars. Or be obsessed with cars. Hey, it takes all kinds. And for THOSE dads, we’ve got a list of gifts that might be just perfect. For the car-loving dads out there, these gifts will keep him smiling, on and off the road.


  1. Cobra Electronics JumPack portable power pack – $83
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This lithium-cobalt power-pack is power-full. When fully charged, it has enough juice to jumpstart an average-sized vehicle several times. And with the internal inverter and USB port (which has an impressive 2.1-amp load), you can speedily charge standard devices like a cell phone. The JumPack even has a super-bright LED flashlight on board.


  1. Bell Automotive Power Station with cell phone holder – $15
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This clever little power distributor plugs into your existing internal electrical port and splits the power to four other ports: two standard car charger ports for other devices, and two USB ports to charge USB-chargeable devices. It is shaped to fit into most standard cup holders. And the most genius feature of it is actually something that’s missing; there is a hole that is the perfect size to fit most cell phones. Once stowed, they would remain contained, be chargeable but not distracting, and be within reach of the driver for easy access. It’s like having an assistant right there in the car with you.


  1. Pyle backup and parking reverse camera – $21
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One of the smartest features of most new cars is a simple one that can make all the difference in the world in improving safety and ease of use – the backup camera. But for those cars that are older, or didn’t come with one from the factory, this solution will get you the same feature for under $200 total. This backup camera can be easily mounted over a rear license plate, is waterproof and features built-in night vision and scale lines to help you understand where objects are. Once you are ready to connect your backup camera to an in-car monitor, you can take a look at …


  1. PYLE widescreen headrest monitor – $51
Photo: amazon.com


This sizable (seven diagonal inches) monitor is a perfect backup camera monitor, receives standard video signals and runs on standard 12V DC in-car power using the included adapter.


  1. Auto factory tour – usually less than $100


QUITE high on the cool meter, though at the bottom of this list, is the gift of a factory tour of a U.S. automotive manufacturing facility. Just imagine the amount of fun in a five-star experience, seeing how cars with brands like Corvette, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others are put together and marketed. Take a look at the Factory Tours USA website for more options and details.

So from us at RoadLoans to all you fathers out there, we wish you a safe, happy and healthy Father’s Day.

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