Better used-car shopping, buying an electric vehicle and more

Buying a used car.

It’s kind of like cage fighting – without the cage.

But the Santander Consumer USA (SC) blog is in your corner and can provide useful information that may give you an important edge when you take up the challenge.

And then there’s more … why most of us aren’t ready to buy electric vehicles, how to protect yourself after the Equifax data breach – in which hackers obtained “the keys to the kingdom” for nearly 150 million Americans – and how to enhance your relationship with SC.

While RoadLoans, the direct-lending arm of Santander Consumer, offers a lot of great information on cars, car financing and related topics, here are some links to the best recent content on the SC blog:



Eight ways to better used-car shopping

Most Americans buy used cars.

For all the attention new-vehicle sales receive each month in the news, the facts are that more than twice as many shoppers purchase preowned vehicles than new.

That’s several million shoppers per month trying to figure out how to make the right choices.

We see that firsthand because articles about shopping for and buying used cars are among the most popular on the Santander Consumer USA blog.



Here’s why we aren’t ready to buy EVs

How far is far enough?

And what price is affordable to the average American car buyer?

These are two questions vehicle shoppers might ask about the current but limited roster of electrics – most of them getting 125 miles or less on a single charge.

But that could change over the next three years.



Reducing chances Equifax breach will hurt you

As bad as you might think the Equifax credit bureau data theft was … think again.

It probably was worse than you imagined.

The credit bureau, one of the nation’s three major reporting agencies, reported that records of millions of Americans were stolen – names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers.

In short, everything needed to fill out an application with an auto lender, for example.



Here’s how we empower our customers

Communicating with a big company such as Santander Consumer USA sometimes can be difficult, even when everyone is trying.

But it’s especially important when you owe the company thousands of dollars.

As an auto lender, SC must be sensitive to a wide range of financial situations affecting several million customers – from making monthly payments on time to getting the title once their vehicle is paid off. Our seven-part series, Discover Santander, aims to help customers get the information they need from us so that they can keep their financial commitment and, ultimately, own their vehicle.



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