Best Apps to Improve your Driving Experience


Smartphones and tablets have changed our lives. And our drives. When it comes to, well, anything about cars, there’s an app for that. And with road trip season upon us, we’ve got a list of the best apps to improve your experience.

  • Google Maps/Apple Maps

Category: Navigation, Traffic

For mapping and navigation, these two are the big ones. Both offer 3D perspective, turn-by-turn directions and traffic information to keep you sharp about what’s on the road ahead.

  • Waze

Category: Traffic, Social

Waze is the original social traffic app, and it’s still a huge hit. With lots of useful information and a 3D perspective, Waze will keep you connected on the move.

  • Find my Friends/Find my iPhone

Category: Social

Find my Friends and Find my iPhone are companion apps that are on every modern iPhone and use GPS data from devices to tell you where your iOS devices are (when they’re lost), and where your friends are, or at least where their phones are. This is handy if you’re meeting someone, or if you need to make sure that a car that you’re traveling with is still with you.

  • Spotify

Category: Music

Spotify is one of the largest streaming music services in the world, and offers paid and ad-supported services. It will send you music from your own playlists, or from a chosen “station” over Wi-Fi or using cellular data, making the miles fly by in style.

Note: It’s important to watch your cellular data usage. Fortunately, Spotify gives the option of adjusting the quality of the streamed music. For example, at the recommended quality (96kbps), you might use as little as 1GB of cellular data per 24 hours of streamed content.

  • Gas Buddy

Category: Shopping

This full-featured app is the runaway leader in finding nearby fuel at the right price, and much more.

  • Gas Cubby

Category: Maintenance

What about car maintenance? Gas Cubby is an organized way to keep a log of all your oil changes and other maintenance for each vehicle you own.

  • Yelp

Category: Shopping, Entertainment

Yelp is the most popular app to find reviews and information on local shops and restaurants.

  • AAA Mobile

Category: Navigation, Maintenance

With 54 million members nationwide, there’s a decent chance that this app applies to you. Get roadside assistance or connect with a representative in case of a flat tire or dead battery.

  • RoadLoans

Category: Shopping

What about actually BUYING the car you want? We’re proud to say that the official RoadLoans app helps you to do just that. You can apply for financing and receive a response, all in minutes. With approval, you can go straight to the dealership and shop like a cash buyer.

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