Auto Loan Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator

When you’re contemplating getting a car loan for your vehicle purchase, there’s no better resource than a good auto loan calculator. By directly calculating all of the terms of your loan, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into — before you sign on the line.

There’s not much that’s worse than a high pressure sales person in a dealership, doing everything in his or her power to get you to purchase a car or truck. The sales person knows that, if you walk, the chances of you coming back are very slim. So they want to do whatever it takes to get you to stay longer. Statistics show that the longer you stay, the more likely you are to actually buy a car. And that, of course, is the sales person’s number one priority.

So the sales person may try to confuse you by talking about payments and down payments, but not actually mentioning the cost of the car itself. But if you turn to an auto loans calculator and actually figure out the terms yourself, you’ll be able to counter the high pressure tactics by the sales person. When he or she talks about payments, you can ask for the full terms of the loan itself, and see whether this is something you want to get into. But you have to be strong. One reason that high pressure tactics work is because people respond to them with emotions. We get our feelings invested in a particular car, and it turns into an emotional struggle. By using an online auto loans calculator to spell everything out in black and white, you can remove some of the feelings from the equation.

You can access an auto loans calculator from your smart phone or laptop. You could even ask to use the sales person’s own computer for the purpose of making some calculations. This is a great tactic, because it shows the person that you’re someone who knows what’s going on. You can’t let your buttons get pushed by the same old tricks. Believe it or not, you turn into the sales person’s worst nightmare: an informed customer.

An even better strategy, one that will help you win before you even walk onto a car lot, is to get your financing squared away before you arrive. You can find a lender you like, calculate out the terms until you’re satisfied, and then pre-qualify for financing. Then, once you get to the dealership, you can shop like a cash buyer. This really kicks their trike in the mud, because they can’t use any of their usual tactics on you.

An auto loans calculator puts the power in your hands, and takes high pressure tactics out of the hands of the dealer.

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