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Safe winter driving tips
  With the onset of winter and the holidays fast approaching, many of us are likely to have wintry road expeditions affecting our holiday plans. Whether you’ll just be driving across town or your travel plans have more in common with Santa’s, getting on the road at this time can be dangerous. But with some simple pointers, like accelerating and decelerating slowly when in snow, increasing your following distance and knowing your brakes, you can immediately improve your driving. Here are some safe winter driving tips for when the weather turns against you.   Vehicle preparation The cold itself can… Read More

How to finance a car with bad credit
Financing a car under normal circumstances can be a task in itself, but knowing how to finance a car with bad credit comes with its own complications. Luckily, this situation is fairly commonplace and there are some useful strategies that help when trying to finance a car with bad credit.* A useful step for the borrower is to acquire a copy of their credit report, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Going through your reports yourself will ensure all of the information about your credit history is correct. Credit history is one element, among many, that lenders may use… Read More

2016 car releases to catch your eye
2016 looks to be an exciting year for car releases. There are a plethora of new and updated models hitting lots sometime this year and if you’re looking to buy, and have some cash to splash, here are a few of the special ones. 2017 BMW M2 Expected to hit the market early this year as a 2017 model, with a price tag somewhere around $52,000, this successor to the M4 follows significant design precedents of the M235i. In fact, by a lot of metrics the BMW M2 is anything but a radical departure, but rather stands as a spiritual… Read More

Holiday car shopping
There’s a lot going on for everyone during the holiday season, but if you’re in the market for a car, or have been considering it, it might just be time to go shopping for that vehicle. There are a few reasons for this. One of them is simply that, traditionally, not many people are shopping for cars during the holiday season, meaning sales can be low. Couple this with the fact that dealers are working to meet their end-of-year sales goals, and could be looking to get last year models off their lots with discounts, and you might find yourself… Read More

DIY car maintenance
For those of us with limited experience or expertise with car maintenance, the finer points of keeping up with your vehicle’s condition can be elusive. Yet a lot can be done for little cost and effort. Here are five of the easiest do-it-yourself (DIY) car maintenance jobs to save you money while keeping up with your vehicle’s needs. Oil and oil filter Besides being one of the easiest DIY car maintenance tasks, regularly keeping up with your vehicle’s oil and oil filters is one the most important things you can do to look after your ride. It’s recommended to change… Read More

How to wash your car like a professional
Washing the car may seem like a chore, but not only is your car worth the benefits of a regular detailing, the process of maintaining your car’s paint job can be relaxing and rewarding in its own right. While regular professional maintenance is costly, in many cases your car detailing maintenance can be done yourself. Before you get to the actual washing, inspecting the car’s surfaces under direct sunlight or another strong light source is useful to illuminate otherwise difficult to see dirt and scratches. Cleaning and detailing your car is essential in protecting it from the elements. Phil Berg… Read More

Choosing a bike rack for your car
With fall arriving, the season for outdoorsy expeditions comes with it. And if the autumn breezes are calling you to a bike ride through the woods or the mountainside, you’re going to need a way to get all your gear to the trail. Depending on what exactly you’re hauling out, as well as how you’re doing the hauling, there are numerous options for different rigs and setups to get all of your equipment transported securely. For a more in depth look, REI has a comprehensive comparison of all the pros and cons of each option, within its collection of “Expert… Read More

Audi A8
The Audi A8 returns to the big screen this week to star in “The Transporter: Refueled,” the latest installment in a series of films created by Luc Besson, which exists to fulfill petrolheads’ need for high octane car chases. As with the film’s predecessors, the armored reinforced, tech-enhanced Audi performs stunts which are equal parts wreckage defying and inducing; weaving, peeling, and drifting its way into and out of harm’s way in order to deliver the driver and his package to their destination. Even in the previews for the film the A8’s stunt performances promise the viewer a caliber of… Read More

031915 RL Car GIFs that will take you back - featured
This is one car GIF post that’s sure to invoke some vehicular nostalgia. Enjoy.   Cars and nostalgia seem to go hand in hand. Whether they call back to a bygone era …   … or just to a simpler time, ...   … we seem to attach a lot of significance to cars. They might represent a team, …   … a mission, …  … Read More

Top 9 midlife crisis cars
Not sure where life’s headed or why? Longing for the reckless adventures of youth? Want to sign your initials in rubber along the nearest stretch of concrete? While we can’t promise any help with the first two, here is a list of some of the most impressive, ennui-defying, 4-wheeled clods of steel mankind has thus far entrusted itself with. They’re not going to single-handedly sort out the existential naggings, but nothing quite ameliorates that faint-yet-persistent nostalgia for childhood wonder like peeling out of the driveway in any one of these top 9 midlife crisis cars.   9. Porsche Boxster [caption… Read More