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10 essentials for a road trip back to that college campus
The middle of August marks the end of summer for college students and the annual road trip to campus. But before students get back to the land of parties, tailgating and (hopefully) homework, there is some packing to be done. No one wants to arrive on campus only to realize they left an essential sitting on their nightstand. While there are multiple student checklists on the Internet, most are aimed more toward the practical (shower caddy) than the truly important (wireless speakers). Here are the 10 things you shouldn’t forget when packing the car for the pilgrimage back to school.… Read More

Road Trip Beaucoup bats and battered dishes in Austin Texas a
Bats. Thousands of bats flew over my car as the Austin skyline materialized in front of me on I-35. After the bats welcomed me to Austin, it was only a short drive to my friend’s apartment near the west side of the University of Texas campus. I arrived at 9 p.m. on the dot, three and a half hours after I departed from Frisco, Texas. If you’re looking for a scenic drive with multiple lookout spots, I would not suggest the trip from Dallas to Austin. While there are beautiful sunflower fields and some surprisingly tasty Czech food along the… Read More

Gadgets maximize minivans
The beginning of August also means the beginning of school, and with that, tons of driving for parents. Ferrying children back and forth from practices, recitals and a multitude of other after activities can be exhausting, but car companies are working to make it easier on parents. Features like pop-down DVD players and three-row side curtain airbags are now standard in almost all minivans and SUVs. However, other features are unique to their brands and oftentimes just a particular model. For example, the now defunct Swivel N’ Go seats on the Chrysler Town & Country. With that in mind, we… Read More

From Eagles to Elvis Experience West Tennessee
  The Fourth of July marks the midpoint of an important period of the American summer: road trip season. While there are many things to think about before packing the car, your destination should be the most important decision you make. Although there are many worthy destinations across the U.S., one stands above the rest. West Tennessee offers history, family fun and incredible natural beauty in a convenient location that is easily accessed via three interstate highways. As a Memphis native, I feel qualified to give you the can’t-miss stops on the western side of the Volunteer State. Reelfoot Lake… Read More