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This is such a wonderful time of year. Wintry sights and sounds, foggy breath puffing into frosty air, low clouds that are heavy with mist, snow, ice and sleet, sand trucks on every highway, runs on bread at the supermarket – wait a minute. Where’s the weather guy I can blame this on?

Among those who we will affectionately, and perhaps a bit enviously, call “snowbirds,” who enjoy the lifestyle of being in whichever part of the country has the most pleasant climate at that time, they usually have roots and family in one spot or another. So they have to be prepared to be comfortable in any climate, even (gasp) climates that range outside of 70-80 degrees.

And in vehicles for such a lifestyle, there are things that cannot be compromised. You must be able to travel in safety and comfort, in a vehicle that is as enjoyable around town as it is on the open road. In fact, features of convenience become vitally important when your commute stretches to over 1,000 miles. So today, we’re going to give a list of our top picks for vehicles that are perfect for the snowbird lifestyle, in any climate.

2015 Ford F-150 XL – MSRP: $28,645

Photo: gas2.org

Single cab, great for climate control

The importance of easily maintaining climate control may be very important, so we’re including the single cab version of the world’s most popular pickup truck. With a cab this small, effective cooling and heating is a breeze. Excellent power and fuel economy from turbocharged gasoline V6 engines keep this workhorse a perennial chart-topper, along with great payload and towing capacities and a surprising array of comfort, convenience and safety technologies.

2015 Lexus IS 350 C – MSRP: $52,970

Caption: Photo: lexus.com

High performance hardtop

Lexus’ latest drop-top convertible gives all the performance, comfort and style that you would expect from the brand, but there is one drawback to the hard-top convertible: limited trunk space. Travel light.

2015 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque – MSRP: $41,425

Photo: axlegeeks.com

Luxury crossover for all occasions

The Evoque has a style that used to be all its own, until everyone started copying it. Not to be outdone, Land Rover has updated the interior styling, while keeping the vehicle compact and maneuverable, with a respectable fuel economy.

2015 Tesla Model S – MSRP: $71,070

Photo: teslamotors.com

A galvanizing travel experience

What can we say about the Model S that hasn’t already been said? Still, we’ll try to point out some of our favorite benefits: Cost efficiency for long travel (assuming you can stop to recharge); standard all-wheel drive; top-shelf performance and traction management; smooth ride.

2015 Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Mobile Home – MSRP: 3.1 MILLIONS of dollars

Photo: marchi-mobile.com

Don’t leave home without absolutely all of it

And finally, for the most practical of travelers, there is the Palazzo. Put simply, if you must bring every ounce of luxury and convenience with you wherever you go, Marchi Mobile of Italy has a solution for you. Listing its features would be simply too vulgar. So here they are: Leather- and marble-appointed master suite, two wet bars, a liftable “flybridge” lounge on top, and a remote video monitoring system. Bravo, Marchi Mobile. Bravo.


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