Bad Credit Car Financing

At RoadLoans, a leader in bad credit auto financing for more than 12 years, we want to help you purchase your next car.

Over the years, RoadLoans has helped thousands of customers with less-than perfect credit purchase the vehicles they want, and they can help you too.

When you have bad credit, auto financing can sometimes be a real hassle. There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a car at a dealership only to be told that you don’t qualify for financing because your credit is not good enough. You could avoid all that frustration by getting your auto financing approved at RoadLoans before you shop for a vehicle. When you get your auto financing from RoadLoans, you will discover the joy of auto finance made easy. The financing professionals at RoadLoans will guide you through the entire process of automotive credit and show you all the benefits of securing a direct auto loan.

RoadLoans provides financing for both new and used vehicle purchases from any dealer nationwide. They may also be able to refinance your existing auto loan to a lower interest rate. Learn more here. The online loan application and approval process at RoadLoans is quick and easy. Their simple, secure online application form can be completed in just minutes with a loan approval decision being made almost instantly.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad credit. Auto financing at RoadLoans can be hassle-free. Once you submit your online application, you will receive your results within seconds. If approved, download and print your instructions and loan packet. Review the information to ensure you are shopping for a vehicle that not only suits your needs but also fits the parameters of your loan.

If the vehicle you have chosen is from a RoadLoans preferred dealer, let them know you have been approved through RoadLoans and present them with your loan packet. They are familiar with processing RoadLoans documents. Dealers who have not processed a RoadLoans packet before may have questions, but not to worry—they can call a RoadLoans representative and we will be happy to walk them through the process.

For more information about auto financing or to apply for car financing for bad credit, come to RoadLoans. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, auto financing made easy starts at RoadLoans.

Car loan & auto refinance experts for people with bad credit. RoadLoans provides a car loan calculator and car financing to buy new & used autos. Save money and time and apply online today!