Where can I buy a car with my RoadLoans voucher?

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Getting the go ahead on a car loan was the first step. Now comes the fun part – shopping for your next vehicle.

To do that you’ll want to find the best dealer, and RoadLoans makes it easy. A recommended dealership is listed with your loan approval, which can be found in your online account and within your loan voucher.

This dealership, located nearby, is able to show you select vehicles meeting our financing requirements and high standards for quality.

You also have the option to use our dealer locator tool and search for others in the area. As the direct-lending division of Santander Consumer USA, we work with some 15,000 auto dealerships to give you choices.

To use the locator, just enter your ZIP code and click to search. The results contain some starred dealers that are highlighted because of their proximity to your home and their wide selection of qualified vehicles. Among the dealerships we work with are those of CarMax, the largest used-car retailer in America with close to 200 stores.

Once you’re ready to visit the dealer, simply download and print your loan packet, gather the required documents listed and take them with you.

A RoadLoans approval makes buying a car quick and simple, and being preapproved means you can shop like a cash buyer, already knowing how much you can spend and what kind of vehicles are in your price range.

Log in to your account to find your dealership and start shopping. There are great vehicles waiting for you.

If you have any questions during the buying process, call one of our knowledgeable loan specialists at (888) 276-7202 or use our online chat service.



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