What kind of vehicle can I finance with RoadLoans?

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An approval from RoadLoans opens many doors, so let us tell you what kind of vehicle you can step into.

Your RoadLoans voucher enables you to buy a new or used car, SUV or pickup truck meeting our flexible buying requirements. That includes a vehicle with up to 110,000 miles and that’s nine years old or newer. So, in the calendar year 2019, model years 2010 and onwards are all eligible.

The car should also fit the financing conditions of your preapproved loan, such as the maximum loan amount. Remember that there will be sales tax, title and registration fees on top of the price you negotiate with the dealer, plus any add-ons you may purchase. With that in mind, you might want to choose a vehicle that comes in under your approval amount.

You’ll find all the details of your loan approval in your loan packet, along with the address of a preferred dealership nearby. This is your location to shop for a great vehicle.*

While we recommend you visit the local dealership listed, you also have the option to go to another. Use our dealer locator tool to search for alternatives within our 15,000-strong network and, when you’re ready to go, take your loan packet and required documents with you.

Once you’ve chosen the right model and closed the deal, RoadLoans will work with the dealer to finalize the financing, leaving you free to enjoy the road ahead.


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* RoadLoans does not finance commercial vehicles, motorcycles or recreational vehicles.


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