Vehicle maintenance – or not – for summer driving

Summer is approaching fast. The last crisp, frosty days of winter and spring are melting back into memory and giving way to the driver’s opportunism: the desire for the open road.

Are you ready to travel? We’re betting you are. Glance into your pantry and take a look at the remainder of last year’s victual provisions. Jerky? Check. Sports drink powder? Check. Expiration dates all still in the future? Ummm …

You can mess up a lot of stuff about travel, but one thing that you don’t want to fail to do is to prepare your vehicle adequately for the road and keep its maintenance under control.


If you are, for some unpredictable reason, the kind of person who WANTS to mess up your car maintenance before and during the summer driving season, we’ve got the infographic that can help you.

See? At RoadLoans, we’ve got something for everybody.


Infographic design by Kelly Brown


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