Top 8 road trip cities for spring break 2015

Spring break is upon us. Next week, students, educators and the families of both will enjoy a well-earned respite from their arduous academic pursuits, and instead, focus their diligences on rest, relaxation, and, if they’re fortunate, some new and exciting experiences at the far end of some drive time.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a road trip.

[Celebratory sound effect]

Road trips hold a special place in our hearts here at RoadLoans, and we think of spring break as the first big road trip of the annual season. It’s time to get our destinations on.

Hang on to your bucket seats and beef jerky bags, because this week, we have digested the lists and opinions from around the web to bring you our picks for the top road trip destination cities for Spring Break 2015.

Las Vegas, NV – What happens in Vegas … is weather-dependent. Bright lights and world-class food and entertainment are abundant, but don’t miss the natural beauty nearby. The surrounding area is popular with mountain bikers, hikers and campers, and if you can get far enough from the city, you’ll see some pretty amazing stars at night.

Miami, FL – This city may be the most ideal spring break destination, because the beach party never really stops there. Except during hurricane season. Then, they just move it inside.

Daytona Beach, FL – In many ways, Daytona Beach is the original beach party destination for students. And when you visit, look out for other attractions, because the rest of the year, it is a quaint, charming, family-friendly little town, and you find yourself wanting to visit again.

Myrtle Beach, SC – A gem among the sandbars of the east coast, Myrtle Beach is one of the most affordable and beautiful of the cities on this list.

South Padre Island, TX – A more accessible beach destination for many southern colleges, South Padre has been such a successful spring break spot for so long that it’s starting to spawn other festivals to attract year-round traffic to the gulf scene.

Panama City Beach, FL – This is one of those crystal-blue-water and white-sand-beach towns that students – and beer sponsors – flock to every spring, and the city itself is no cultural slouch either.

Virginia Beach, VA – At the south tip of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach kicks off its warm weather seasons with a bang, but the fun doesn’t stop until the cold winds blow in from the Atlantic again.

San Diego, CA – And rounding out this year’s list is a city that is no stranger to year-round beach beauty and fun. In fact, all the way from Dana Point to Tijuana, you’ll find people that take beach fun pretty seriously.

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