Something to think about if you’re shopping for an affordable car

Something to think about if you’re shopping for an affordable car

Looking for a car that won’t break your budget?

Then here’s something you may want to consider and may ease your new-car sticker shock.

Eight different automakers are represented on the’s new list of the 10 most affordable cars to buy and own, with two manufacturers – Nissan and Toyota – represented by two models each.

The most affordable car? The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage DE automatic, costing $15,015 with options and destination fee, plus $7,000 in five-year fuel costs, for a total of $22,015. The Mirage was almost $2,000 more affordable – which is to say, less expensive to buy and own – than the second-place vehicle, the 2014 Scion iQ base model at $16,420, $7,500 fuel and $23,920 total.

Vehicles ranged in price from the Mirage to $19,890 of the Toyota Prius c One, five-year fuel costs ranged from $5,500 for the Prius to $9,250 for the Mazda Mazda2 Sport with automatic transmission, and total cost ranged from the Mirage to $26,500 for the Ford Fiesta SE Sedan, according to

“Shoppers face legitimate sticker shock when shopping for a new car,” said Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor, in announcing the list, which comprised mostly 2014 models. “While advertisements often lead shoppers to believe that cars are quite affordable, the reality is that the price of entry for even a modestly equipped new car is well above what many shoppers expect.”

Cars that made the list in addition to the Mirage and Scion, with price, fuel and total cost, are:

  • Chevrolet Spark 1LT (automatic) – $15,820 – $8,250 – $24,070
  • Nissan Versa SV – $16,340 – $8,000 – $24,340
  • 2015 Honda Fit LX with CVT – $17,115 – $7,750 – $24,865
  • Nissan Versa Note SV – $17,340 – $8,000 – $25,340
  • Toyota Prius c One – $19,890 – $5,500 – $25,390
  • Toyota Yaris LE 3 Door – $16,825 – $8,750 – $25,575
  • Mazda Mazda2 Sport (automatic) – $16,630 – $9,250 – $25,880
  • Ford Fiesta SE Sedan – $17,500 – $9,000 – $26,500

“When we considered the most affordable cars, it was important that we looked only at models equipped with basic but important options like an automatic transmission and power windows and locks,” said Wiesenfelder. “ We wanted to help consumers who want an incredibly affordable car to find one that also includes the niceties that almost every shopper has come to expect.”

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