RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 2)

RoadLoans.comRoadLoans wants to create a car-buying experience that meets the needs of our customers, and empowers them to make the best decision for their lives, as we described in Part 1 of “RoadLoans – Who we are.”

Part 2 of “Who we are” is about how we have tried to incorporate the most innovative technology available to improve the online experience.

“We receive thousands of applications every month,” said Scott Rundle, V.P. of Direct Originations for RoadLoans. “Because of the volume, it’s important that we employ every technical advantage we have to create the best online experience possible.”

Convenience is the key. Car shopping can consume a lot of time. That’s why RoadLoans focuses on giving customers what they need in a timely fashion, beginning with the financing approval process.

On, you can apply for financing and get a decision in a matter of seconds. If you can’t get to your laptop, our mobile app affords the same benefit.

“We all know how busy life can be,” said Rundle. “There’s no need to be locked to your computer waiting for news about your application. Just like everything else in today’s society, RoadLoans can give you a decision on the go.”

RoadLoans also has introduced the “Right Vehicle, Right Dealer” program. It pairs our customers with dealers who have the vehicles for which they’re approved, and gives them online access to the dealer’s current inventory.  So, what used to take hours or even days to finance and choose a vehicle has been consolidated through the RoadLoans experience.

RoadLoans is even connected to some of the leading online car-buying websites, including and, offering financing through each.

At RoadLoans, we’ve tried to think of everything a customer would need to make auto financing a more positive, pleasant experience.  Some of the reviews on our website suggest we’re headed in the right direction.

“I applied online at home, and was quickly approved,” said customer Emily B. “I printed out the documents, sent them off with the pre-printed FedEx label, and that was all I had to do. I used to work in loans, and this is the easiest thing EVER!”

And customer Jim O. commented: “I applied for a loan last night on my computer. I got an approval back in about 30 seconds. I printed my packet and took it to a dealership this morning. In about two hours I was driving away in my new car. This was the fastest I’ve ever gotten approved for a car loan.”

We know that technology isn’t everything, but it plays a vital part in fulfilling our mission. RoadLoans wants to empower the customer by providing options. Whether it’s through technology or our people, we will continue to work hard at putting our customers in the driver’s seat.

If you need fast-and-easy vehicle financing for a used or new car, crossover, pickup or SUV, RoadLoans empowers you to shop with confidence.

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