Resolutions for the road

For World Kindness Day, on November 13, my friends and I promised to be more considerate to other drivers through simple actions like letting a car go in front when switching lanes or allowing other drivers to go first at an intersection. Along these lines, I hope to “drive kind” all year long.

Awareness and defensive driving

Other than just being considerate, for 2016 I have made a number of “road resolutions,” one of which is to be more conscious of those around me. As stated in this safer driving resolutions chart, it helps to drive defensively and be aware that I am not the only one on the road. I can be a safe driver, but others on the road are not always safe themselves, so being conscious of others can help reduce the chances of an accident.

A green conscience

As I am conscious of other drivers on the road, I hope to be conscious of the climate too. Whether with friends, family, or classmates, I hope to be more globally conscious, and help keep the world I live in a healthy environment. While some of my friends promised to buy another friend a tank of gas for World Kindness Day, we decided this year to save gas. We hope to do this by not only giving others rides but by continually making an effort to conserve the gas we use, and so emit fewer emissions into the environment.


A second resolution of mine is to drive safe by always making sure every passenger is buckled up. This simple act, another of the resolutions highlighted in the safer driving infographic, can help keep myself and other passengers safe the entire car ride. Riding without wearing a seat belt can cause many car injuries and fatalities.

Resisting the phone

While I am driving, I always put my cell phone down, but this year I would like to encourage others to do so too. As I ride in many cars as a passenger it is not uncommon to see someone on their phone, making calls or texts. To make the road even safer, I hope to encourage others to abstain from picking up their phone while driving.

There is so much we can do to make the roads a better and safer place. Hopefully 2016 can be the year of road resolutions. By putting into practice these new year promises I can become a better and safer driver. I hope everyone can follow through with their resolutions for 2016.

Happy New Year!

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