Ready for your family road trip? These are the biggest stresses


They say that getting there is part of the holiday experience.

But not always in a good way, it should also be said.

As millions of Americans take to the highways for a family road trip this Thanksgiving, a new survey reveals the biggest causes of stress.

Traffic and unexpected delays, packing and cost are the main pain points, according to the poll carried out for Chevrolet. About one in four parents are most stressed by having to answer cries of “are we there yet?” and just under one in three find it stressful to keep the kids entertained.

Yet Americans’ love affair with the family road trip is still strong, with 93 percent of all parents saying they like or love taking such adventures. And the kids feel the same (or so parents say), with 90 percent of parents who take road trips saying their children also enjoy time on the road.

Spending time with family, exploring interesting places on the way and the opportunity to unplug from everyday life are the top reasons families love it so much, while the chance to indulge in foods and snacks, and simply being out on the open road, are also popular.


How can road trips be made better?

  • 56 percent of parents say Wi-Fi/Internet connectivity would help make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Nearly three in 10 parents who do not have Wi-Fi/Internet connectivity say they would make longer or more frequent family road journeys if their vehicle had it.


What does the family road trip look like?

  • Loaded-up with tech – Road-tripping parents bring 6.6 mobile devices, on average, with them in the vehicle.
  • Behind the wheel of an SUV – Nearly two-thirds of parents would prefer to take a family road trip in an SUV over another type of vehicle, and two in five prefer a large model with three rows of seats.
  • A family decision – About two-thirds of moms and dads involve their children in planning the trip.
  • And is there a perfect road trip length? Yes, the survey results reveal – it’s typically six hours.

Looking to make your holiday road time sparkle? See our infographic with a dozen great ways to prepare, and browse the road trip planner for more travel tips.

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