With interest rates at historical lows, the automobile refinance industry is kicking into high gear. Lots of people who thought they were getting a great deal when they financed their vehicles a year or two ago now find that they can do a refi on the balance of their loan and end up saving a whole lot of money. If you're in this situation, it's worth looking into whether an automobile refinance can work for you. Basically, if you can get a lower interest rate, it makes sense to consider refinancing a car. No matter whether you have just a… Read More

Have you ever experienced "sticker shock"? If you've ever shopped for a used vehicle, it's likely that you have. But with a used car loan calculator, you can eliminate some of the surprise you feel when you figure out your financing by fully understanding the terms of the loan you're getting. All you need are a few basic pieces of information. When you approach a lender, you should already have a good idea about your price range. This isn't something you'll be able to tell from a used car loan calculator, because it all depends on your credit history and… Read More

Many people have questions about second chance auto loans -- what they are, how they work and why they are helpful. The past several years have been difficult for the American consumer. We've seen the markets go up and then down. We've seen huge increases in lots of thing that we would prefer less of: unemployment, the cost of living and fuel prices, to mention a few. Lots of people who were riding high before the bubble burst are now living a very different life today. But people still need to eat, still need to work. The kids need to… Read More

It's not difficult to wreck your credit. But once you're there, it can be difficult to get auto financing for bad credit. In order to be able to get the financing you need when your credit isn't perfect, you have to understand a few facts about how it's even possible for someone without perfect credit to get a car loan. It's kind of amazing how many different ways there are to develop bad credit. We often think about the catastrophic ways this can happen. Obviously, there are things that lead up to a bankruptcy, but it can be an economic… Read More

It’s hard to know the best time to get an auto refinance loan. There’s no light on your dashboard that illuminates when it’s a good time to trade your current car loan for a new one, no alert that goes “bing!” and lets you know that rates have dropped again. So you have to take initiative and pay attention to what’s going on to know when the best time may be. And maybe there really is no “best time,” but at least you can pay attention and watch for a “good time.” Part of the awareness is knowing your current interest rate on… Read More

We've all made mistakes in the past. If you're looking for car loans for people with bad credit, chances are you've made several mistakes. Perhaps you got carried away with pre-approved credit cards, or got seriously overextended back when credit was flowing freely and home equity lines of credit were all the rage. Or maybe you've had a serious setback in your life, like medical problems or a job loss or even a divorce. Regardless of how it happened, having bad credit can seriously hamper your ability to get financing for a vehicle. And as we all know, you pretty… Read More

Auto Loans: A 'How To' Guide
Auto Loans: A "How To" Guide If a vehicle purchase is in your near future, you're probably thinking about auto loans and how to get them. Whether you're a veteran of the auto lending game, or brand new to the process, you'll probably want to get into it in pretty much the same way. Getting an auto loan is pretty simple. You find a company, you apply, and you are either approved or not. If you're approved, you have to evaluate the lending offer to determine whether it's something you're happy to accept. Or you can go back to the drawing… Read More

Crunching the Numbers for a Refinanced Loan Like everyone else, I wanted to take advantage of low auto loan refinance rates that would save me money! Refinancing can get complicated, but I found while researching for an auto loan refinance company, that RoadLoans really helped to simplify the process. They provide a great online tool, an auto refinance calculator, that helped me decide that a refinance package worked for my situation. But before I ever entered a single number into the calculator, I had to ask my auto loan lender if there were any penalties for closing out my loan.… Read More

As interest rates go down to record lows, many people start thinking about refinancing their mortgages. But what many people don't realize is how easy it is to get auto loan refinance rates that are much lower than what they're currently paying. And contrary to what you would experience with a mortgage refinance, it's remarkably easy and quick to do a refi on your auto loan. How much you save will depend on a lot of things, the number one thing being what the current interest rates are, and the second thing being your own personal credit rating. If you have… Read More

The "Shocking Truth" About Online Auto Loans With so many banks around, why would anyone go and get an auto refinance or get an online auto loan? There are a couple of very good reasons that are worth paying attention to. If you haven't already tried using an online lender, and you're currently shopping for a new or used vehicle, maybe now is the time to try it out. In the "old days," a person's only option when it came to auto financing was banks and dealerships. You could go to… Read More