Why Go With an Online Auto Loan With so many banks around, why would anyone go and get an online auto loan? There are a couple of very good reasons that are worth paying attention to. If you haven't already tried using an online lender, and you're currently shopping for a new or used vehicle, maybe now is the time to try it out. In the "old days," a person's only option when it came to auto financing was banks and dealerships. You could go to your bank (or credit union, if you could get membership in one) and apply… Read More

It's time to think about vehicle refinancing or guaranteed auto financing when interest rates go down. If you have a higher interest rate auto loans, it's very possible that you can reduce your payments and lower the total amount of interest you'll pay by getting a refi loan. It's easier than you think, and well worth the effort. Maybe you got your original financing when interest rates were higher. Or maybe you accepted the first financing you were offered. Whatever the reason, if your interest rate is higher than what you should be paying today, it's time to lock in a… Read More

If you've declared bankruptcy, chances are very good that you're finding most lenders don't want to even talk to you. But if you want to do an auto bankruptcy loan refinance, you may be surprised to find that there are special finance companies out there that are very willing to do business with people who have had a bankruptcy. It's just a matter of finding the right company to match your particular situation. If your bankruptcy is still in process, it's probably best to wait. You'll either lose your main asset (the vehicle you've financed) through chapter 7 proceedings, or… Read More

Moving ranks in the top five most stress-inducing events that can happen to a person. (Money, career, personal relationships and health are up there too.) Springtime is the most popular time in the real estate market, and if you're one of the many people planning a relocation, your to-do list is probably overflowing. Finding new living quarters, schools, jobs and friends are on that list, don't forget to include moving your car in the equation. http://www.moving.com/auto-transport/moving-with-car.asp If you're moving cross-country, remember safety standards and emission laws vary. If your car is used, will it pass all the tests? Call your… Read More

If you haven't checked out interest rates lately, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. With a refinance auto loan, you could very easily save a bundle of money, up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your car loan. It just takes paying attention to what's going on in the world and responding in a quick way. Refinance Auto Loan It doesn't matter how long ago you got your auto loan. Maybe it was literally just yesterday, or perhaps it was a year or more ago. Regardless of how long it's been, you can probably save… Read More

You've got your car, and you've been paying on your loan for a while now. Why would you even consider doing a vehicle refinance if you're happy with the car, truck, van or SUV you've already got? It's a simple answer: to save money. Whether it's been days, months or even a couple of years since you purchased your vehicle, it doesn't really matter how happy you are with your auto. What matters is whether you're happy with your financing. You may have thought you were getting a good deal back when you took out the loan -- and it might… Read More

Some of you might remember the days when you could fix your car yourself. There were special tricks that you as the car's owner could perform to kick start the car. I drove a red Dodge Shadow way past its expiration date, so I know all about these insider tricks. It was a standard, and I learned that the best way to keep the stick shift from popping out of gear was a simple rubber band placed on the gear shaft. Talk about innovation! I recalled this tough little car recently, when my electronic GPS system froze and rendered itself… Read More

The used car loan rates you see from various lenders vary from day to day, so it's a great idea to keep an eye on them as you get closer to making a decision about your next vehicle purchase. Why do the rates vary so much? One reason the used car loan rates at one lender will be higher or lower than the next finance company is that many companies actually borrow the money they loan. This sounds bizarre, but it's true. When a lender makes a loan, the capital they use to lend the money is then tied up… Read More

If you're looking for a new or used vehicle, and you plan to get financing to make your purchase, chances are that you'll use a car loan calculator to find out exactly how much car you'll be able to afford and to figure out what your monthly payments will be. Using one of these tools will be greatly beneficial as you begin making what might be the most important purchase of the year (or of several years). Here's how a car loan calculator works: you put in the information, press a button, and the system returns a breakdown of the… Read More

We all know that buying a car can be complicated and intimidating. There are so many to choose from--where do you even start? RoadLoans.com offers video reviews on various makes and models to try to assist with the car-buying process. You can view the car review videos today! Whether you are looking for a Honda, Ford or maybe even a sports car our video reviews will be sure to help you. Don't forget that you can apply right through our site for your car loan or auto refinance. We hope you enjoy all that RoadLoans has to offer. Read More