Hitting the Road
All summer long, I kept telling my kids we would take a mini-vacation somewhere around the state.  Well after zoo camp, several trips to the local water-park and a bank-busting visit to Six Flags, school has started and we haven’t left the city limits.  So, I’ve decided to take my miniature compadres on a road trip to the Texas coast for Labor Day.  Now, the planning begins.  Swimsuits-check, sunscreen-check, dvd players to prevent me from throwing children from moving vehicle-check, scheduled maintenance for car-uh oh.  My car isn’t old, but it isn’t new either. The last thing I need is… Read More

Auto Refinance Quotes
Where can you get the best auto refinance quotes? That's a great question, because the better the quote you get, the better the loan you end up with. Knowing how to go about getting the best possible quote is a large part of the battle. The better you do at the process, the better the quotes you'll get. Part of the best way to get good auto refinance quotes is to know when to get them. Interest rates go up and down all the time, and you definitely want to catch them at a down time as opposed to an… Read More

Auto Loan Rates Terms
Sometimes it's difficult to understand all of the auto loan rates terms that lenders use when they explain their lending practices. It's good to have a handy glossary to translate all of the special words that get used in the car loan "biz." Term. Term is one of those terms that gets used in a couple of different ways. Sometimes it can mean all of the different variables that get factored into a loan when it's offered -- so, all of the auto loan rates terms that you see below. But usually, "term" just means the length of a loan.… Read More

Why Get Auto Loan Preapproval?
Many consumers wonder why financial advisors recommend that they get auto loan preapproval before they start shopping for a vehicle. This is a good question, but one that's easily explained. There are some things that go together: love and marriage, salt and pepper, burgers and fries, Mork and Mindy. Another one is cars and financing. The reality is, whether you buy a new or used car, truck, van or SUV, chances are pretty good that you'll end up financing it. New cars are getting more and more expensive. Which is one reason that it is recommended you get auto loan preapproval before… Read More

Auto Loan Payment Calculator
Whether you're getting your very first car loan or even if you're a seasoned expert, if you use an auto loan payment calculator you're much more likely to get the most out of your financing. There are some really good reasons why. Auto loans are funny things. We think we know how they work, but if you ask the average American to explain how interest gets compounded and how the term or the interest rate interact to affect your monthly payment, most will just give you a blank look. The truth is, most people honestly have no idea how loans… Read More

Auto Financing For People With Bad Credit
Let's face it -- it's not fun to have bad credit. If you've ever tried to get auto financing for people with bad credit, you probably already know this to be a difficult proposition. But don't let the difficulty discourage you altogether. While it may be hard to find the right company to finance an auto loan if your credit isn't perfect, there are a few tricks to finding a company that will work with you. The first step is knowing exactly how bad your credit is. Many companies out there advertise auto financing for people with bad credit, but… Read More

If you haven't checked your auto loan against the current loan rates today, it might not be a bad idea. Lots of people are getting auto refinance rates that handily beat the ones they might have gotten just a couple of months ago. Depending on the lender, you could save as much as a percentage point or two. And those little improvements can add up to big savings on your auto loan. Check Out This Quick Video: Auto Car Refinance Shopping for a car stresses most people out. There's a great deal of uncertainty as you try to… Read More

As the old saying goes, everyone deserves a second chance. If you have bad credit and need financing for a vehicle, you can get that chance through second chance auto loans. These are specialty lending packages that allow people with less-than-perfect credit to still get the loan they need to buy the vehicle they want. These days, it is a necessity to have good transportation, and for most people, a car or truck is an absolute must. These 2nd chance auto loans meet that need. It's easy to feel like you have no options when your credit is trashed. You… Read More

You probably regret it now. You went to buy that car you wanted and ended up taking whatever finance deal the dealership offered. Now you're thinking that auto credit loan refinance might be the best way to lower your interest rate and your payment at the same time. The thing is -- you're right! When you shop for a car, it's almost always best to go into the situation with financing in hand. You apply for financing at several different lenders and get prequalified for a loan before you even begin looking for vehicles. That way, when you actually find… Read More

What is a fast loan? Car loans are an absolute must.  It's the only way to make smart, responsible decisions about your new car purchase. If you've never done this before, enlist the aid of a friend or family member who understands the process and can help walk you through it. If that doesn't work, here are just a few tips you might want to consider as you travel the road to car finance. How Do Fast Loans Online Work? The first thing to understand about car loans is that financing is dependent on credit. If your credit is good, you'll get a great… Read More