Simple Auto Loan Calculator
Simple Auto Loan Calculator Sometimes, when it comes to technology, simpler is better. So if you're getting ready to buy a new or used vehicle, a simple auto loan calculator will help you make an informed decision. You don't always need the bells and whistles. You can leave the calculations and amortizations and all of that detail up to the people who really know what they are doing -- RoadLoans. If you just want a good idea -- a ballpark estimate -- of how much your loan is going to cost, then a simple auto loan calculator will do the trick.… Read More

Tourney Time — Time for the Santander Dealer Basketball Pool
Tourney Time --Time for the Santander Dealer Basketball Pool It's March, and in the college sports world, that means one thing --- the Men's College Basketball Tournament is tipping off! In celebration of the event, and to make things extra exciting, Santander is launching a Dealer Basketball Pool. Brush up on your bracketology, because following Selection Sunday on March 11, we will open up the pool for your bracket submissions. IT’S FREE TO ENTER, BUT KEEP IN MIND YOU HAVE UNTIL 12:15 p.m. EASTERN TIME ON MARCH 15 TO TURN IN YOUR BRACKETS. After that, we can no longer accept… Read More

Instant Car Loans Finding Instant Approval Car Loans is a quick process now. "I'll take it." That's got to be one of the best sentences you can say, when purchasing a car. But unless you're independently wealthy, or unless you've lined up instant car loans, you may instead end up asking, "CAN I take it?" Hardly anyone can shop without looking at price tags, without asking how much something costs. But if you start your car-shopping experience by getting instant approval car loans, then you shop like a cash buyer, without having to worry about "whether." All you have to think about is… Read More

Santander Sponsored Soccer Games Are On!
Santander Sponsored Soccer Games Are On! RoadLoans is switching gears for a moment -- from automotive topics to the topic of sports. Since athletic teams are often sponsored by companies, it’s not so much of a stretch. Kicking off earlier this month in South America, the annual 2012 Copa Santander Libertadores de América football (soccer) tournament. As you can tell by the name, Banco Santander, of which Santander Consumer USA Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary, is the main sponsor of this elite sporting event. This is the 53rd time the soccer tournament has been held and over the course of… Read More

NADA Video Recap
Though the 2012 NADA & ATD Convention & Expo has wrapped up, Santander Consumer USA Inc. continues to receive great feedback about the event. We've been posting video footage of conversations we had with dealers and attendees on our Santander YouTube page, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We also added a behind-the-scenes look at the two-story Santander booth, including footage of booth #1566 in the construction phases, and all of the activity from the red carpet. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in Orlando, Florida, at next year’s NADA event. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for Santander Consumer USA updates all… Read More

Calculating Car Loan Payments
Calculating Car Loan Payments Many people, when they embark on the process of shopping for a vehicle, forget about the financing. They forget that calculating car loan payments is probably one of the most important parts of making a good decision about how to finance your vehicle. But if you pay attention to the terms and make your calculations the right way, you'll know beforehand exactly how much you'll pay for your financing, and what your payments will be. Check out roadloans for help with auto refinance. It seems strange how many people think about financing only after they've picked out… Read More

Safety First or a Tribute to Jumper Cables
Safety First or a Tribute to Jumper Cables Answer this: What one item in your vehicle can you not live without? MP3 player? GPS? Sunglasses? Cup holders? Glove compartment? Vanilla-scented air freshener? Fuzzy dice? Heated seats? All good answers. What about where safety and being prepared in case of emergencies is concerned? This thought occurred to me the other day as I was turning the key in my car’s ignition and getting no response from the engine in return. Yep, a dead car battery. Anyone else ever face this problem? Didn’t think so. When I find myself in this situation,… Read More

How Does Refinancing a Car Work?
How Does Refinancing a Car Work? You might be new at this. If you've recently asked yourself, "How does refinancing a car work?" it's probably a good idea to do a little research to get the concepts down so you can make better financial decisions. The easy answer to the question of how does refinancing a car work is that you take out a second loan to replace the financing that you did with your first loan. You borrow from Peter to pay Paul, and it's totally okay. You might think that paying off one loan with another might be… Read More

Using an Online Car Loan Payment Estimator
If you're shopping for your next vehicle, you may want to use a car loan payment estimator to figure out exactly how much your payments are going to be. This can be very useful, but at the same time, the process can be confusing. If you aren't sure where to start, start with the right information. An online car loan payment estimator is basically a glorified calculator that takes several pieces of information as inputs, and spits out payment information as the output. You'll need three things to find out what your payment will be. First, you need the amount… Read More

Pebble Beach, a Good Drive … Unspoiled
Pebble Beach, a Good Drive … Unspoiled This weekend, Santander Consumer USA Inc. will be an on-site sponsor of the prestigious AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament. Held in the beautiful Monterey Peninsula area of central California, it’s the time of year when the elite in the golf world link up with celebrities to enjoy a little friendly competition while raising money for charity. This year’s field is impressive and includes Tiger Woods, playing for the first time since 2002, Phil Mickelson, Hunter Mahan, Dustin Johnson, Vijay Singh, Davis Love III, and last year’s winner, D.A. Points. Celebrities scheduled… Read More