5 keys to car shopping [Infographic]
  5 Keys to Car Shopping Unlock the Mystery to Buying the Right Ride - Part 1 Know Your Shopping Style Are you a “value” shopper, “image” shopper, “methodical” or “safety-conscious”? How you answer that question will go a long way toward making the right purchase choice. Value Shoppers USA – 25% UK – 18% Canada – 21% Image Shopper USA – 27% UK – 22% Canada – 19% Methodical USA – 21% UK – 20% Canada – 21%   Narrow Your Shopping List Size, performance, color, style, comfort, every detail matters. But narrow your search by creating a short… Read More

“Automakers creating buzz for Super Bowl commercials” online at Bayoubuzz, “For automakers, Super Bowl ad brawl has already begun” on, and “Super Bowl 2013: Detroit automakers drastically different on ads” on Headlines from a quick online search for “automakers Super Bowl” provide an interesting picture of how competitive the game before the game has become. In most previous years, fans looked forward to commercial breaks from the game to get a look at some of the most creative advertising images viewers were likely to see all year. This year still should provide plenty of entertainment during traditional breaks,… Read More

So you think the interest rate on your current auto loan is too high? Lenders and financial experts have an answer for that. It’s an auto loan refinance, and it works just like refinancing your home mortgage loan to take advantage of lower interest. “If you are feeling stuck with a high interest rate car loan that you really cannot afford, you should consider refinance,” according to RoadLoans. “Despite what you might think, auto loan refinance is a quick-and-easy process. It is not as complicated as refinancing a mortgage.” With an auto loan refinance, you may pay off your “existing… Read More

Innovation drives car buyers to choose most-valued vehicles
Hyundai, Volkswagen-Audi, BMW and Chevrolet may seem about as different as night and day – and day and night – but when American car buyers attach value to those manufacturers’ vehicles, all four can make a compelling case for the most-valued-vehicle  ranking. "Innovation is the strongest single predictor of which cars, brands and corporations are seen as the best value, or Total Value in our study," says Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision. The model with the highest Total Value Index score from 77,153 new car buyers for 2012 is the Hyundai Equus, which leads the Luxury Car category in… Read More

Car Repossession: How it works
Many Americans depend on a car for transportation. Whether it’s used for work or play, the automobile is a staple in American society. The 5-to-7 year car payment is a regular item on the household budget nowadays and making your car payment is important. Failing to pay your monthly car note can result in having your car repossessed, but it’s not the only way for car repossession to take place. Depending on the creditor, there are several scenarios that could result in car repossession. Let’s say you need your car repaired to the tune of $2000. You take your car… Read More

Vehicle financing or refinancing easy as 1-2-3
We get all sorts of questions and comments in our e-mail. Let’s face it, auto financing can be a confusing subject. Auto loan refinancing even more so, since most of us don’t hear much about loan refinance unless it’s a home mortgage. At RoadLoans, we handle both finance and refinance agreements for borrowers seeking vehicle purchase. (Most people don’t even realize they can refinance a car loan much like their home mortgage loan.) Recently we received an e-mail which stated the following: “A dealer promised me that I could refinance this (RoadLoans agreement) if I make all my payments on… Read More

First-time buyer’s guide: Buying a car with no credit history
Figuring out how to pay for a new or used car is tough enough, let alone going through the process for the first time, with no credit history or, even more difficult, sketchy or bad credit. But that doesn’t mean you have no options in financing the purchase of your current dream car. Bad credit auto financing is possible. You just have to be realistic about your objective: In other words, don’t go looking for a hot sports car with the equally hot price tag when your budget and the car loan amount for which you would qualify allows for… Read More

Toyota, Honda, Ford ‘most reliable,’ CarMD says
Four of the most reliable cars on American roads are either recent model Toyotas or Hondas, with a Ford thrown in to spice up a list of the Top 5. That’s according to a “massive study” conducted by automobile repair diagnostics company, CarMD. Most reliable was the 2010 Toyota Corolla, followed by the 2008 Ford Taurus. The 2008 Toyota Yaris (3) and a pair of 2009 Hondas, the Pilot (4) and the Accord (5), also made the list of most reliable. Also among the Top 10 were two 2010 vehicles made by Subaru, the Forester (6) and Outback (10), and… Read More

Find your way with this easy car loan formula
If you are interested in an easy car loan, then look into getting one from RoadLoans. This is a statement that Margaret Jones heard from a friend over their weekly lunch get together. The friend had just gotten a new car by applying through RoadLoans and couldn’t be happier. Being in the market for an automobile herself, Margaret was interested in what her friend described as a “fast and easy car loan formula.” In fact, Margaret’s friend said she was approved in just 60 seconds. That was all Margaret needed to hear. Although she was hesitant to apply for a… Read More

Who will dominate U.S. auto sales this year?
Japanese automakers will produce six of the top seven vehicles sold in the United States in 2013, according to a projection by a firm that dispenses “insightful analysis and commentary for U.S. and global investors.” The rankings will be dominated by Honda, Toyota and Nissan, represented by the Accord, Civic and CR-V; Camry and Corolla, and Altima, respectively, predicts 24/7 Wall Street and reported by USA Today. The Japanese dominance will be interrupted only by the Ford F-150 pickup, projected to be the second-best seller for 2013, said the financial news website. Two more Fords – Fusion and Escape –… Read More

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