Auto sales showing real, continuing strength
New vehicle sales are putting some real muscle into the still-stumbling economy, led not by muscle cars, but by small cars and big trucks. The strong August sales figures for new vehicles suggest that the trend won’t change any time soon as some industry experts expect growth to continue into 2017. “Roughly 12.4 million new vehicles will be driven off dealer lots this year, according to the IBISWorld report,” says a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times online Sept. 5, the day after automakers reported their August sales figures. Those results showed double-digit sales at all five major… Read More

The 10 coolest rides under $18,000
The 10 Coolest Rides Under $18,000: Kelley Blue Book Cool is in the eye of the beholder. But auto industry experts at Kelley Blue Book: The Trusted Resource took a crack at the 10 coolest cars of 2012-2013 in a list published on the KBB website. Ten different manufacturers are represented on the list, more than half of which can claim an option of 40 mpg or greater. So, besides the low sticker price, they give drivers a break at the gas pump. “Whether you’re looking to express yourself through sheet metal, maximize your in-car connectivity or (re)discover the joy… Read More

Auto sales revved up in August
August Is Second-Best Month of 2012 for New Auto Sales That sound of revving car engines you heard in August might not have been your imagination. But most of the new engines, at least, would have been Japanese. In a report by Melodie Warner posted online by The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, “new U.S. car sales are expected to climb 20 percent in August” compared to a year earlier, when there was one less automobile selling day. forecast a slightly smaller rise in sales, with total sales expected to top 1.25 million cars and trucks. The increase was… Read More

OurTube – Santander Consumer USA videos online
OurTube -- Santander Consumer USA Videos Online If you are like many car shoppers, myself included, you probably decide which shiny new or used vehicle you would like to purchase and where before you think too much about how you’re going to pay for it. Sure, you might figure out whether a new vehicle might fit into the household budget, but then it usually isn’t long before you discover you have more questions than answers about paying for it. Unless you’re going to pay cash, that means you’ll be taking out a loan – or retail installment contract – which… Read More

Santander Consumer USA has your auto finance needs covered – rushed or not
Santander Consumer USA Has Your Auto Finance Needs Covered – Rushed or Not Driving along an urban expressway at rush hour – well, maybe “crawling” typically would be a more accurate word to describe the experience – two questions often cross my mind: Who’s driving all these cars, and how did they get here? The short answer to the first question is that nearly everyone is driving. Americans own not quite one vehicle each – new and used, from beauties to beaters, muscle cars to pickup trucks, SUVs to Mini Coopers. And it often seems as though they’re all on… Read More

Tailgating Ideas to Keep You from Fumbling
The Perfect Tailgating Experience When you’re from Texas, nothing says fall like football. And where there’s football, there is sure to be food. Not just any food, but the kind that you serve from the back bumper on plastic plates. Where the main course includes some sort of meat cooked over an open flame. It’s tailgating, people…the perfect parking lot party. While it may sound like an easy touchdown, there are a few simple tailgating tips that will make your bumper banquet a total success! Seating There is nothing worse than trying to eat a hamburger and a side of… Read More

Third-Row Seating Gives the Family Room to Move
Third-Row Seating Gives the Family Room to Move Ever since we sold the Honda CRV, our family has been missing something – space. Not that we’re that much of an extended group, but as a family of four, we find ourselves more times than not wishing we had room in the car for things like, oh...backpacks, suitcases, sporting equipment, smart phones, etc. Throw an in-law or child’s classmate into the mix, and our family truckster turns into clown car in no time. And this doesn’t begin to touch on how much we missed having a larger vehicle during a recent… Read More

Rory McIlroy — The Heart of a Champion
The Heart of a Champion At just 23 years old, golfer Rory McIlroy continues to amaze on the course, playing at a level well beyond his years. Over the weekend, McIlroy won the PGA Championship by eight strokes, beating the likes of veterans such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els. The win makes him one of only two players under the age of 36 with at least two major titles, the other being Tiger. The victory also moved McIlroy up six places in the FedEx Cup standings, to No. 2 behind Tiger. The Northern Ireland-born pro… Read More

Santander Gives You Competitive Rates Continuing his rave review on working with Santander, this customer explains how he got competitive rates with his new fuel-efficient vehicle. Watch below to find out why this customer says, "You just can't beat a deal like that." Read More

Warning! Do You Need New Tires?
Warning! Do You Need New Tires? I was recently at a crossroads with my car. More specifically, my car’s tires. I had a decision to make on whether to rotate my wheels per the standard “every 5,000 miles” rule or purchase a whole new set. The front were pretty worn down and rotating the back ones forward (my car is a front-wheel drive) could possibly get me a little more mileage out of the tires. But just how much more, I wasn’t sure. So I pondered the question: Do I need new tires? This led me to a tire shop… Read More