Best 2013 cars for Christmas under $25,000
Automobile makers have some Christmas fun each year posing their new vehicles with bows and ribbons, surrounded by snow, skiers, sleighs, happy families or other holiday trappings, in advertisements and TV commercials. Often the featured vehicles are among the priciest – luxury model or manufacturer. Of course, the goal is to entice Santa to make a big impression by putting one under the Christmas tree –or at least in the driveway – for the family to discover in the morning to their obvious delight. As exciting and impractical as that might seem, autobytel, automotive website, has offered its “10 Best… Read More

Sovereign-Santander presents $150,000 check to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts
PHILADELPHIA (PR Newswire) - Sovereign Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Santander, presented a $150,000 check to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  As the official bank of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sovereign-Santander presented the check at the Eagles' home game Dec. 13 against the Cincinnati Bengals of which Sovereign-Santander was the presenting sponsor. Jorge Moran, President and CEO of Sovereign Bank and Santander US Country head, presented the $150,000 check to the American Red Cross during the game. Accepting the donation was Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, CEO of the Southeastern Pennsylvania American Red Cross. This donation adds to… Read More

Making the case for 7-year auto loans?
The thought of financing an automobile for more than five years might have seemed crazy not too long ago, akin to the idea of a 40-year-plus mortgage loan. But, apparently, not so much anymore. As the average lifespan of vehicles increases and interest rates stay low, longer financing terms have become more commonplace – to the point that auto loans of up to seven years not only are thinkable to consumers and lenders, alike, but actually occur with some frequency. “The biggest area of growth in auto loans is among those with repayment periods of 73 to 84 months, which accounted for nearly 16… Read More

Fresh Start Auto Loans
We all need a "reset button" in our lives from time to time. With fresh start auto loans, consumers get two things at once: financing for the car, truck or SUV they need, and a second chance to rebuild credit for their future. In financial matters, people sometimes have to go with options such as bankruptcy (chapter 7 or 11), foreclosure or other less drastic measures. Unfortunately, these actions can have severe consequences. But they also provide a way to continue on, to live to see another day. Fresh start auto loans can help people who have gotten their finances… Read More

What is the best-selling vehicle in U.S.?
The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in November – all year, in fact – wasn’t a car. It was a pickup truck. With more than 56,000 purchased during the month, the Ford F-Series pickup topped the list of best-selling vehicles, according to figures compiled by the Market Data Center. The F-Series also leads year-to-date sales with nearly 580,000 vehicles driven off dealers’ lots in 2012. Though far behind the Ford F-Series, other top sellers in November – and their year-to-date sales – were Chevrolet Silverado pickup (30,674 and 367,613), the Honda Civic (30,075 and 284,791) and the Toyota Camry… Read More

Looking for advice on shopping for a new car?
  Look before you leap – or in this case, before you drive. Shopping for a new automobile is not as simple as it sounds, unless you want to run the risk of buyer’s remorse once you drive your just-purchased vehicle off the dealer’s lot. But there are experts out there who can offer guidance to finding your perfect vehicle. Progressive auto insurance, for example, offers tips on getting what you want and can afford, no remorse. “Shopping for a new car involves a lot of research and negotiation,” Progressive says on its website. Following a few new car buying… Read More

Roadmap to Smooth Ride on Loan Payments
Run a red light and you may be stopped by the police and ticketed. Speed on the thruway, there’s a chance you’ll be pulled over. Drive unfamiliar roads or streets without a map and you do so at your own peril and are liable to get lost. Even when we carefully check a roadmap, we can make a wrong turn, but the chances are less. A similar outcome is possible with our car and other finances. It is important to read and understand contractual obligations before signing a loan or retail installment contract, just as we would look at a… Read More

How to Refinance A Car
It’s the holidays, and you know what that means. The budget is bursting at the seams. First come turkeys and dressing, then come trees and presents, all of which can put a serious squeeze on the wallet. Money just disappears at the first sound of jingling bells, and if you have kids, providing a merry Christmas comes at a price. Before you know it, you are behind on everything that is really important during this holiday season. One way to free up the budget is to refinance your car. Doing so could save you hundreds of dollars a month on… Read More

Do guaranteed auto loans exist?
Jeremy Conklin is a 32-year-old high school graduate. His wife, Melissa, is 30. Between them they make $55,000 income per year, not a lot, but enough to get by for the family of five living in a small residential neighborhood comprising working-class families a lot like them. Despite their limited income, Jeremy and Melissa try to give their three youngsters a normal childhood. Instead of cruises like they used to take, their entertainment now is a lot more about watching NASCAR and WWE wrestling on television and playing video-games with the boys on “Family Fridays.” Jeremy and Melissa have become… Read More