Warning! Do You Need New Tires?
Warning! Do You Need New Tires? I was recently at a crossroads with my car. More specifically, my car’s tires. I had a decision to make on whether to rotate my wheels per the standard “every 5,000 miles” rule or purchase a whole new set. The front were pretty worn down and rotating the back ones forward (my car is a front-wheel drive) could possibly get me a little more mileage out of the tires. But just how much more, I wasn’t sure. So I pondered the question: Do I need new tires? This led me to a tire shop… Read More

Three Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer
Three Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer I love my auto mechanic. I really do. Not only is he the kind of guy who can pinpoint a problem based on the sound (I believe) I’m hearing – “My car’s making a ‘screecrunch’ whenever I apply the brakes,” – but he has, on numerous occasions, saved me a ton of cash through his repair suggestions and preventative maintenance tips. Plus, he’s honest. For me, the adage rings true: A good mechanic is hard to find. I found one, and that’s why when visiting my car guy recently for a routine… Read More

How "Legos and Autos" Drive Innovation
How "Legos and Autos" Drive Innovation Did you know the Lego Group out of Denmark introduced the first “Automatic Binding Bricks” in 1949? Those interlocking blocks have come a long way in  60-plus years, showing up in amusement parks, tied to movies such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, TV shows (Ninjago) and video games (Batman 2, Indiana Jones). It seems the little blocks are more popular these days then when I first started clicking the plastic parts together in the 1970s. To this day, when I think of Legos, I think of vehicles. As a kid… Read More

eCredable News!
eCredable News! As an alternative credit reporting agency, eCredable creates a credit report based on bills individuals routinely pay, but are not reported to the national credit bureaus. By verifying payments on things such as rent, utilities, child care, insurance and mobile phones, eCredable helps thousands of people qualify for items such as credit cards, mortgages and auto loans. “We help people prove they are creditworthy by verifying the bill payments they routinely make on time and as promised,” Steve Ely, CEO of eCredable, says. “Our AMP Credit Report™ contains their history of payments. Our AMP Credit Rating™ helps them… Read More

Kids and Kars: Kit and Caboodle
Kids and Kars: Kit and Caboodle When I was growing up, road trips were an adventure, mostly because you never knew what was going to happen. So my mom prepared for anything and everything. There were no cell phones or OnStar to dial up if anything happened while you were on the road. Instead there was only the CB radio or the smoke signal (aka busted radiator) to signal oncoming traffic of your roadside distress. So we packed the whole kit and caboodle. Our car was filled with everything from Band-Aids to blankets. It turns out, the more things change,… Read More

The Scenic Route
The Scenic Route For us, summer is synonymous with road trips. It’s only one month into the season, and we’ve already had some memorable travel experiences. (Including a jaunt to New York City, which hardly qualifies as a “road” trip, but we did have some interesting cab rides.) Along the theme of road trips, National Geographic recently published a book titled The World’s Most Scenic Drives: 101 Spectacular Trips. They also have a larger volume called Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips. Both books include beautiful photographs and cover such places as Alaska’s Cook Inlet,… Read More

Kids and Kars
Kids and Kars Nothing says summer like the infamous family road trip. The kids are out of school, and you have an entire week or two before any of the local camps are in gear. What do you do? You plan to hit the road for a little quality time. But in this day and age, you’re going to need a little more to keep the kiddies engaged than a round of “99 Apple Juice Boxes on the Wall.” From toddler to teenager, all of the youngsters today are used to electronic entertainment. And if you don’t want to be… Read More

It's hard to get credit unless you have credit, but you can't have it unless you get it. So where can you find auto loans for people with no credit history at all? It's really not as difficult as it sounds. There are a lot of reasons why a person might have no credit. Recent high school or even college graduates might have trouble getting a loan because they haven't taken any time to establish credit. They just don't have enough of a track record to know how they'll be as a customer. The only way a credit company will… Read More