No credit, looking for easy car financing
Over the last few weeks, Lauren, a smart, active, college-age single woman, has had plenty of time to think more about her decision to purchase a vehicle after receiving an auto loan from RoadLoans. So now, Lauren, a composite of consumers ages 18-24, is advising her friends on the process when they ask her questions about her experience – and whether any other customer comments are available. One of the features of the RoadLoans website which Lauren most appreciated during her research was the customer “Reviews” section, so she told her friends about it. (One review, in particular, that she… Read More

How to get a car with bad credit
I know some of us can’t live without online transactions. Who has time to mail letters or pay for something “in person?” Not me and certainly not today’s young professional. Everyone between the ages of 25-34 are either working hard or playing hard or both. They are self-proclaimed workaholics spending 60 hours a week at work, or single and social spending six hours a day at the gym preparing for the perfect evening out. Either way, there is no time to do things manually anymore. It’s online or bust. Just think about those necessary evils that normally take huge blocks to… Read More

The 10 coolest rides under $18,000: Kelley Blue Book
Cool is in the eye of the beholder. But auto industry experts at Kelley Blue Book: The Trusted Resource took a crack at the 10 coolest cars of 2012-2013 in a list published on the KBB website. Ten different manufacturers are represented on the list, more than half of which can claim an option of 40 mpg or greater. So, besides the low sticker price, they give drivers a break at the gas pump. “Whether you’re looking to express yourself through sheet metal, maximize your in-car connectivity or (re)discover the joy of driving, your entry-level options have never been better,”… Read More

The 10 best James Bond cars in 50 years
Fifty years of James Bond movies brought us memorable characters, villains and gadgets, but the classic cars he and others drive rise to the level of co-stars. Here are the 10 best and the movies in which they appeared, according to James Riswick, Automotive Editor at Aston Martin DB5 – An automotive and movie icon, its sixth Bond appearance in just-released Skyfall follows roles in Goldfinger, Thunderball, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale. Lotus Esprit S1 – The Spy Who Loved Me – Can anyone who saw this movie forget one of the series’ best car chases,… Read More

Destination: NorthPark, 'Skyfall' with James Bond
It’s stylish, exhilarating, sexy. And that’s just the Bond car – the Aston Martin DB5. The classic Bond co-star, it makes a surprise entrance – generating loud cheers and applause at a press preview at NorthPark Center in Dallas – and an equally surprising exit. The Aston Martin, which also made appearances in Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Casino Royale – one of Daniel Craig’s previous appearances as “Bond, James Bond” – has appeared in more of the 23 Bond movies over 50 years than any other car. In the first film, the “Bond car” was outfitted with… Read More

Exclusive interviews with two stars of NASCAR
In preparation for this weekend’s big NASCAR events at the Texas Motor Speedway, including the AAA Texas 500 on November 4, we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with two big names that’ll be competing. See below for exclusive short Q&As with Matt Kenseth (pictured at left signing autographs for fans) and Trevor Bayne. Not only are they great drivers, they also have recently taken the checkered flag at the storied Daytona 500. (Kenseth in 2012 and 2009 and Bayne in 2011). RoadLoans: What was the first car you ever had? Matt Kenseth: It was a 1982 four-door Honda… Read More

Hurricane Sandy stalls October auto sales
Superstorm Sandy put a crimp in what otherwise was a good sales month for U.S. automakers – as could have been expected – just as it affected most all other normal end-of-the-month activities along the East Coast and Great Lakes region. But that doesn’t mean the month was a total disaster as light-vehicle sales still rose 7 percent nationwide, according to the U.S. Sales Report distributed by Automotive News. "October was another great sales month, even if was slowed at the end by Hurricane Sandy," said Jesse Toprak, Vice President. The October figure of 1.1 million in auto sales… Read More

Where do you find the best sports fans in the world?
If there’s a NASCAR event in town, the answer to the above question is…everywhere. That is to say, grocery stores, retailers, home and garden suppliers, gas stations, convenience stores. This week, NASCAR drivers and fans were spotted at all of these businesses and more in preparation for this weekend’s AAA Texas 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway. And one thing is perfectly clear, NASCAR fans LOVE their sport, especially their drivers. It’s what brought them out to these places for a chance to meet the stars and get an autograph from the likes of Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski… Read More

The car-buying adventures of middle-aged Ron
The phone call one evening was from a neighbor, call him middle-aged Ron. He was at loose ends, which was not unusual for a would-be car shopper even at his age, but he conceded that the new car market had changed since the last time he looked. It wasn’t so much that a lot of information had migrated online – he was knowledgeable about the internet, even visiting gaming sites and sports sites. It was more that he felt as though he was in the wrestling ring with a very large tag team and they were showing him no mercy.… Read More

The fastest state in the U.S.
There’s an old saying that, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Based on recent developments and upcoming events in the Lone Star State, I’d say everything is getting faster in Texas as well. Last week, the Texas Transportation Commission opened a stretch of highway south of the capital in Austin that lays claim to the fastest legally allowed speed in the U.S. The posted speed limit? Eighty-five. For 41 miles, State Highway 130 (aka “Pickle Parkway”) heads west toward San Antonio. The increase in mph for Segments 5 and 6 is in part an attempt to alleviate some of the congestion… Read More