Road Trip: Visiting the South – Georgia and South Carolina – Part 3
Memorial Day Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina is a lot like politics. Everyone shows up with good intentions, but after things heat up, and waves start hitting you, you relax and look for a source of pork. The road trip from Aiken, S.C., to Charleston, via Orangeburg is just gorgeous … for the South. This isn’t like the Pacific Coast Highway in California or the I-70 pass in Colorado. It's not that kind of gorgeous. It’s the kind that makes you fantasize about moving to an idyllic, secluded village. It was, in… Read More

Ford, Chevy owners apply for refinancing more often than other vehicle owners
Ford led the pack among cars and trucks with owners seeking refinancing for a vehicle in the past year, but Chevrolet owners received refinancing more often. Only Ford placed five vehicles in the top 20 of those with owners who applied for refinancing, while Chevrolet placed three in the top 10 and ranked first among manufacturers whose owners actually refinanced their cars or trucks, according to RoadLoans, the online lender. Ford ranks second to Chevrolet among manufacturers with owners who received refinancing. "With longer ownership cycles and the quality of even the most… Read More

Everyone’s a winner in RoadLoans road trip contest
Many folks love to go on road trips in the summer, making unforgettable memories at every stop. These memories are special because years after, recalling them can take us back in time. Thanks to technology, now, we can instantly capture precious moments and save them for years later. The RoadLoans road trip contest is all about sharing your favorite road trip pictures with others. The entries from our first contest, captured in a YouTube slideshow, were amazing and inspiring. Following are some of those stories: Colby Belcher shared his road… Read More

Road Trip: Visiting the South – Georgia and South Carolina – Part 2
The road trip from the airport in Augusta, Ga., to Aiken, S.C., was easy. I was reminded that the civil engineers in the South hold to high standards, and know well the business of getting you where you’re headed. We arrived at the farmhouse where my wife’s sister and her family live. A southern charmer, it’s on the east edge of town, in the deep woods of South Carolina, and it backs up to 100 acres of cropland. The 100-year-old house is all wood, has a huge attic, is painted white… Read More

Back-to-school driving tips to keep children safe
It sneaks up on us every year. Just like Christmas, back-to-school commitments can catch us off guard, and before we know it, we are racing to and fro, taking our kids to classes and extra-curricular activities. But the rules of the road change a bit from September to May. With some help from, here are a few driving tips that can help you maneuver the back-to-school commute. Check the crosswalk. Just when you think you’re in the clear, a latecomer is making a mad dash in hopes of beating the tardy bell. Double-check the crosswalks to ensure no one… Read More

Car lease or purchase: How to decide which is better for you – Part 2
Should I lease or should I buy? It’s a question we began trying to answer yesterday in Part 1 of our blog post when we provided six reasons you might want to consider leasing your next new vehicle. Today, in Part 2 of our blog post, we provide you six reasons to buy new or used rather than lease. “How does the cost of leasing compare to buying the same new car in terms of out-of-pocket costs? And, if you decide to buy a used car, how much more will that save you? Furthermore, what do those costs look like… Read More

Car lease or purchase: How to decide which is better for you – Part 1
Should I lease or should I buy? It’s a question that many vehicle shoppers – maybe even you – have asked en route to getting a new car, truck, crossover or SUV. The short answer: It depends. How you answer has a lot to do with your comfort level with pluses of the two choices. The one reason for leasing that gets most shoppers’ attention is the monthly lease price – generally lower than a car payment when purchasing the same vehicle. But there are more things to consider than just the monthly payment, according to automotive experts, such as… Read More

What are the Top 10 new cars for short drivers?
Height is not something I’ve had to worry about when shopping for a new car. At about 6 feet tall, I’m good to go in most, if not all, vehicles. That height is just above average for American men. Women average about 5-foot, 4.5 inches. But that means a lot of people, especially women, are shorter – a disadvantage in many cars, according to Edmunds, a source of car shopping and automotive information. “Diminutive drivers will tell you there are certain things they look for when choosing a vehicle. Good visibility is probably at the top of most of their… Read More

New car for your student? offers its top 10 back-to-school list
Planning to send a new car back to school with your high school or college student? What’s best for you won’t necessarily be the sort of vehicle your student has in mind. But is offering help in the form of its “10 Best Back-To-School Cars” that may suit you both. “As summer ends and another semester opens, editors hand-picked a selection of new cars they recommend for students who may be considering their MPG as well as their GPA,” said The editor’s top pick was the 2014 Nissan Versa Note followed by the Ford Focus and Chevrolet… Read More

Road Trip: Visiting the South – Georgia and South Carolina – Part 1
My wife is an adventurer, for which I am very thankful. The way this usually manifests is that, without my knowing it, we suddenly have dinner plans, a party to go to, or a vacation or road trip in store, and it’s my job to show up and be delightful. I can report that this system is working well. In June, my wife bought four plane tickets so that the two of us and her parents could fly to Augusta, Ga. She reserved a rental car so that we could drive from Augusta to nearby Aiken, S.C., where her sister,… Read More

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