Drunken, distracted driving during the ‘dangerous’ holidays
Distracted driving gets a lot of attention in the mainstream media. But as we approach the holidays – full of all sorts of distractions from shopping to family visits to parties – we wondered how much of a problem distracted driving is on our crowded roadways. This seems appropriate as, not surprisingly, New Year’s Day is perhaps the most dangerous holiday of all and Christmas Day also is among the top five dangerous holidays, according to Forbes magazine, which looked at nearly 30 years of data from the U.S. Department of Transportation. What we… Read More

App for alternative-fuel vehicles can help you recharge or fill up
Fill ‘er up? Or the alternative-fuel equivalent, perhaps, charge ‘er up.     But where? At least, that might be a question for many who drive – or plan to drive – alternative-fuel vehicles. It’s not like there is a fueling station on every corner, as with gasoline stations. It’s a question, though, that is becoming easier and easier to answer as green vehicles proliferate. And now, there’s a smart phone app free from the U.S. Energy Department to help. “Apparently there’s an app for everything,” writes Stephen Edelstein in Green Car Reports, “including… Read More

Is this the best time of year for car shopping?
The end of the year is fast approaching. That means it’s about time to go car shopping, say some of the country’s best-known auto experts. Sure, you have family and friends around for the holidays, and there’s lots of other shopping to do, but are you going to let a little inconvenience get in the way of a deal on a car? Of course not. “A great car deal could be on your holiday shopping list,” says Kelley Blue Book, a top auto research site. “December may very well be the best month for getting a great deal on that… Read More

Will your long commute to work kill you?
Google Maps says my commute to work is 18 miles. It seems like a lot more some days. That, says a recent Texas study, potentially could kill me – literally. And if you commute any more than 10 miles to work, it could kill you, too. The study of 4,297 Texans said, simply, the further you commute to work, the less likely you are to exercise, the lower your physical fitness, the larger your waistline and the higher your body mass index (weight relative to height), blood pressure and metabolic risk. Indeed, I’m… Read More

Shopping for a car loan? Look here for help, advice
If you are reading this blog post, chances are you’re shopping for a car loan to make that new- or used-vehicle purchase. And chances are you also have a lot of questions about the process. That’s where we can help. (Now you might think it’s self-serving for an auto finance company such as RoadLoans to offer help – and we understand how it could look that way – but our website provides all sorts of resources that do not require you to be a customer.) For example, you’ve already found the RoadLoans.com blog, The Open Road, which regularly provides all… Read More

New cars for first-time buyers to consider – AutoTrader.com
First-time car buyer? Looking for a 2014 model, because an outgoing 2013 just won’t do? There are plenty of vehicles out there from which to choose – too many, really, if you haven’t shopped for a new car before or figured out your own system for identifying favorites. So then the question becomes: How do I narrow my choices among the many candidates? Well, AutoTrader.com, the automotive information and shopping website, has come to the rescue with its “10 Best New Cars for First-Time Buyers: 2014 Edition” covering sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers. As well as a trio of used cars… Read More

Infographic: Top-selling trucks, cars and SUVs of 2013
The race isn’t over yet, but U.S. automakers are nearing the finish line on 2013 sales. So it seems a good time to take a look at the top-selling vehicles of the year – chances are that not a lot will change among the top seven or eight, at least. As our infographic shows, America kept on trucking in 2013, lifting pickups – the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ram 1500 – to three of the top five positions, according to data from motorintelligence.com reported online at wsj.com (Wall Street Journal). Sales of the three truck brands also… Read More

New cars that will be most valued as used cars
Today’s new cars are tomorrow’s used cars. How much of the initial value a car buyer will get when selling or trading his used car in three, four, five or more years down the road can be an important factor in deciding what to buy now. That’s a fact recognized in Kelley Blue Book’s annual Best Resale Value Awards, which identifies the two best 2014 brands, top 10 vehicles, and top three vehicles in each vehicle segment. Of these vehicles KBB says in an introduction to its awards announcements, “we have the most… Read More

RoadLoans – an auto lender known by company it keeps
It has been said that people are best known by the company they keep. Well, the same can be said of businesses, including auto lenders. That’s why it’s important that auto lender RoadLoans is a “preferred direct lender” (AutoTrader.com), “trusted lender” (Cars.com) and “financing center” (ebaymotors.com) of such well-known names in the automobile industry. All four websites, as well as newcars.com and pickuptrucks.com, link directly to RoadLoans.com auto financing applications, providing buyers an option tied directly to their shopping experience. RoadLoans is a direct-to-consumer auto lender owned by Santander Consumer USA Inc., a leading automotive finance company in the United States.… Read More

Thanksgiving travel plans? Expect lots of company out there
If you’re journeying 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving travel weekend, expect the highways and airports to be crowded as almost 43.5 million other Americans will be out there, too, according to AAA. That’s a small decrease from 2012 but probably not enough for you to notice. Wednesday is expected to be the heaviest Thanksgiving travel day, followed by Sunday. Auto travel is expected to drop 1.5 percent and air travel 3.7 percent, AAA said. AAA estimates that 90 percent of travelers, about 39 million, will be traveling by car and just over three million by air. The… Read More

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