Memories on the road during the Fourth of July


For most of my summers as a young teen, I had the pleasure of spending my Fourth of July on the lake. I would pack up for the weekend, and take the easy drive to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The ride never felt long because I always traveled it with friends, food and good music. Unlike many road trip vacations where the ride seems to never end, this particular trip was enjoyable – almost a part of the vacation.

The drive was easy. Leaving my house, I simply drove a few minutes to get onto the highway that we traveled for a majority of the ride through the northern parts of Illinois and then into Wisconsin. Our trip took us past Six Flags of Illinois. We always said we would stop there on our way one time, but never seemed to want to sacrifice our relaxing lake time for a day of rollercoasters.




Our travels also had us passing through areas of beautiful greenery mixed in with malls and corporate headquarters located just off the highway. As we got closer to Wisconsin, the scenery turned from the congestion of divided highway into beautiful landscape and farming areas. This is our favorite portion of the trip where we just drive, surrounded by acres and acres of farmland.

As veterans of this road trip, we have figured out multiple routes to get to the lake, involving back roads and shortcuts. One of my more favorite routes has us passing a large farm theme park, Lamb’s Farm. Having gone there as a child with my parents, I have many fond memories of this unique farm-style theme park. It was always a treat to go there and interact with the farm animals, go through a corn maze, learn how to churn butter, milk a cow, or collect eggs.


As we got closer to Wisconsin, the highway became smaller and we began to pass countless local farmers’ markets or fresh produce stands where we’d stop to get some of the best-tasting, locally grown food and produce. Even though all the highway destinations are so enticing, we’d normally take the back roads to get to the lake in order to avoid highway congestion and have a more scenic view surrounding us.

Packed full of food and excitement, we’d finally pull into the picturesque town of Lake Geneva, pass by a few favorite spots and the local public beach. Finally, we’d reach the lake house. Ready for the great weekend ahead, we’d unload the car and head straight to the water.

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