How to be a better driver on World Kindness Day, and every day

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World Kindness Day, tomorrow, is all about making kindness the norm. Sending an uplifting text to a friend, for example. Or treating someone to a cup of coffee. Another suggestion, to be found at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website, is “letting that guy merge into traffic.” That’s right. Giving an inch and saying: “Hey, yes you, come on into my lane of traffic here. You’re welcome!”

You could call that a common courtesy, or just following traffic law, but whichever way you look at it, acts like this make the world better for everyone. Here are six more ways we can all be kinder drivers on World Kindness Day, and every day we take to the road.


Don’t cut other cars off

Besides letting someone merge into traffic, try to show equal consideration with your own maneuvers. Overtaking and forcing your way into too small of a space is not likely appreciated by the other driver, nor is it safe.


Use your signals

Indicating your intentions is one of the most important parts of driving and will let others on the road respond smoothly and without hassle.


Follow the two-second rule

There are times when we’re in a rush, and when we might want to go faster than the car in front. Tailgating, however, is aggressive behavior that creates unnecessary pressure. Better for all to keep to the two-second rule, where the distance between vehicles takes a couple of seconds to cover.


Don’t use the horn unnecessarily

The lights changed green a second ago but the car ahead still hasn’t moved off. A blast on the horn should do it! Who wants to be on the receiving end of that?


Be considerate to pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and bicyclists have rights to use the road too, so let’s remember to show them due respect at intersections and by providing sufficient space when passing. They’ll notice.


Let someone into that parking spot

Parking can be at a premium in busy areas, but it’s kinder to let another car in rather than rush to steal that convenient spot. Offer a smile for good measure as you do so.


To learn more about World Kindness Day, making kindness the norm and random acts of kindness, visit


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