How baseball’s opening day is like getting a new car

This week, major league baseball parks across the U.S. usher in the 2015 regular season with opening day games. There’s something special about going to the ballpark or turning on the TV to see that first pitch of the year. It just screams of possibilities.

Sort of like getting a new car.

Being that we’re passionate about cars and sports, we thought we’d take a crack at combining the couple into a post that highlights some similarities between two of our favorite things.

See below for what we came up with.

Tailgating – If you’ve ever been taken out to the ball game on opening day, or any day for that matter, you know the fun starts way before the actual competition. Legions of fans pack parking lots with tents and grills to partake in the food fest that is tailgating.

A new car feeds into this tradition because it literally defines the celebration that is…the tailgate. Check out this helpful infographic for more on how to have the best tailgate party.

Accessories – Making your new car your own is part of the fun of having a fresh set of wheels. Whether it’s fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror, customized floor mats or personalized license plates, there are a million ways to accessorize your new ride.

If you have a favorite baseball team, might we point back to the idea of personalized plates. Chances are, your team has a plate outliner just waiting to be put on your new car.

Snacks – Common snacks found at a ballpark include hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and of course, Cracker Jacks. And most modern ballparks have cup holders built in the seats to hold a large beverage.

In a new car, the cup holder can be a focal point as well. You know, to keep your coffee or soda from spilling…all over your new car. Also when you take the new car road tripping, snacks are a major player.

Stretch – When on a long trip in your new car, it’s advisable to pull off at a rest stop periodically and stretch your legs. Which ties in nicely to the seventh inning in baseball, where the customary “seventh-inning stretch” encourages spectators to get on their feet, cheer for their team and resituate for the remainder of the game.

Memories – There are some life events that we will never forget. Getting a new car can be the start of many good times and memories with road trips ahead. And cheering on your team on opening day, either at the actual ballpark or at home, is always an exciting experience.

If you have any other great ways a new car is like Opening Day, let us know at our Facebook page.

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