Holidays, movies and more at the Santander Consumer USA blog

It’s difficult to believe that another year has nearly passed.

But before we get on with the rest of December – and the busy holidays it contains – let’s take one last look back at the best the Santander Consumer USA blog had to offer readers in November.

The blog was full of seasonal advice – the most buzzworthy movies of the season and guidance good for just about any time. The latter category includes a “Top Pick” post that has continued to generate lots of traffic since it was posted.

Among the best posts that the SCUSA blog had to offer were:

DealerRater helps you find an auto dealer for your next purchase

Sometimes it’s nearly as difficult to identify the right dealership as it was deciding on the vehicle itself. But this blog post points you to an online resource that is bound to make it easier.

Car buying by women driven by different reasons than men

Women car shoppers do more research, take more time and are more practical about their choices, according to research compiled recently by Kelley Blue Book.

What is CPO and why you should care when car shopping

Certified pre-owned vehicles – used cars that have been thoroughly examined before sale – offer “peace of mind,” manufacturers’ warranties and affordability to shoppers who make this choice.

Movies coming to a theater near you for the holidays

Another colorful infographic offers our rundown of 14 movies coming out through the end of the year (plus a bonus list) with plenty of reasons to get out of the house when the main events are over.

Consumer credit scores expected to rise with FICO changes

This top pick continues to generate interest among blog visitors for the potentially good news it offers millions of Americans who will seek to borrow money to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Next month, look for our post on the Best of 2014 from the Santander Consumer USA blog.

But for now, happy holidays.

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