Father’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers


Dads, look, we’re on your side. They SHOULD give you gifts. So just send all your loved ones to read this article for some good ideas, and we’ll take care of the rest.

KeyPort Slide

This cool little gadget, starting at $29, replaces your keys with only the blades, cut to match your existing ones, in a slim box that lets you slide one out for use whenever you need to.


The Shard takes the concept of the keychain pocketknife/pen-tool, and reduces it to its simplest form: a single, unbreakable piece of metal that you can use to poke, turn, pry or trim almost anything. And at $7, it just might win an award for “greatest utility per dollar.”

Ram Mount X-Grip

The Ram Mount X-Grip is a universal phone mount system with solid reviews and a tough design. When it comes to going hands-free, its hard to put a price tag on dependability, but the X-Grip doesn’t press the point too much, selling for about $50.

HamX2Go Trailer Hitch Hammock Stand

I’m going to assume that I’m talking to a civilized audience of people that already have hammock chairs. Connecting your hammock chairs (TWO of them!) the $250 HamX2Go trailer hitch stand basically means you can be relaxed anywhere everywhere. Note: Do your level best not to use this hammock stand for relaxation purposes while the vehicle is in motion.

Shiatsu Super Motion Portable Back Massager

Getting a Shiatsu massage is great. Driving from Point A to Point B; also great. Doing both at the same time? You win at driving. Price: $107.

Bell Automotive Roadside Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit is important and since most drivers won’t think about getting one for themselves, or DIYing one, they make great gifts. The $62 Bell Auto Emergency Kit is what Felix the Cat would drive with. Or, for younger readers, Batman.

Bobby Ore’s Stunt Driving School

Got money? Need to drive like a flying mammal out of Ragnarök? Bobby Ore’s got you covered, with classes starting at only $1,650. Pros will teach you how to do things on a closed course that you should probably NEVER do anywhere else. Please remember that last part.

Audible audiobooks

Long miles can be a LOT more fun with a good audiobook. Give Dad a subscription to Audible to keep him smiling on the long haul. Audible has apps for iOS and Android to let you download books directly to your phone to listen at your leisure. Starting at $15/month.


Happy Father’s Day!

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