Drivers still back ‘self’ over self-driving, neutral on EVs – J.D. Power

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The road to self-driving vehicles, and mass adoption of EVs, could be a long one.

Confidence in these technologies is low and neutral, says the latest J.D. Power Mobility Confidence Index Study, despite automakers putting ever more resources into them.

Overall, self-driving and electric vehicles scored 36 and 55 out of 100, based on two polls of 5,000 consumers and industry experts carried out with SurveyMonkey. On the autonomous-vehicle side, more than two thirds (68 percent) said they had little to no knowledge of the technology, and more than half said they’re unlikely to ever buy or lease a self-driving car.

Women are less likely to buy or lease this type of vehicle than men, it was found, and are less comfortable with self-driving situations. These include being on the road with others using self-driving technology; riding in self-driving vehicles; self-driving public transit; and goods being transported by autonomous commercial vehicles.

In general, top concerns among those surveyed were comfort riding in self-driving vehicles and comfort with self-driving transit.

While consumers showed more confidence in electric vehicles, there’s still some way to go before most will switch from gas-powered cars, it seems. The likelihood of purchasing an EV and the reliability of such vehicles vs. gas alternatives were the lowest scoring areas.

Fifty-nine percent of consumers who have never been in an EV are “not too likely” or “not at all likely” to purchase or lease one. Other concerns highlighted included the availability of charging stations and electric vehicle range.

However, consumers who have owned an electric car have a more positive opinion – 60 percent are “extremely likely” or “very likely” to buy a similar vehicle again. Respondents also see EVs as better for the environment, and many believe the cost of charging compared to gas costs will be an advantage.


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