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What is RoadLoans?
RoadLoans is an online, direct-to-consumer auto lender specializing in car loans and auto refinancing, serving customers in the Untied States. It is the direct lending division of Santander Consumer USA, a Dallas-based financial institution. RoadLoans accepts auto loan applications for both new and used vehicles from people with all credit profiles, including buyers with bad credit, no credit, or that have gone through bankruptcy. Operating online, RoadLoans provides an auto finance process with instant loan decisions, and qualified applicants can get pre-approved for their auto loan before visiting a car dealership. RoadLoans’ auto loan process can be outlined like this:… Read More

Back to school basics – Part 3
In my previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2), I discussed traveling to school and moving in to your college campus, respectively. Now that you are all settled, it’s time for classes to begin. I think everyone knows what the first day of school feels like − exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. As a college student myself, here is some advice I have for students about to embark on that first day. Do Pack your bag the night before. Grab a spiral or two, laptop, a few pens and pencils and put them in your backpack the evening… Read More

Santander Consumer USA raises $60,000 for American Heart Association
It was a very good month at Santander Consumer USA and RoadLoans for the American Heart Association and the fight against heart disease. SCUSA and RoadLoans associates raised almost $60,000 total for the charity. The SCUSA fundraising effort in the Dallas area started in mid-August and concluded with associates’ participation in the 20th annual Dallas Heart Walk on Saturday, Sept. 13. “The unofficial total [raised] is $48,114,” said Kate Gatlin, corporate communications specialist at company headquarters in downtown Dallas. “That does not include some money that has been turned in here at Thanksgiving Tower, so we probably are closer to $50,000.”… Read More

Behind Bars: Sons Of Anarchy and Their Bikes
With the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy fully underway, it's about time we take a solid, in-depth look at a few of the sickest characters and their gnarly bikes. Some of these bikes are pretty insane; you have to wonder if their owners got a motorcycle or car loan or at least used an auto loan calculator to be able to pay for these bad boys. Go ahead and take a look at this infographic that shows how the specs of the main characters' motorcycles fit with their personalities. Then pull on your kutte and rev your… Read More

RoadLoans, You’re Looking Pretty Good!
  Looks aren’t everything. But when you’ve got style like this, you strut your stuff. Which “this”? This site. Hadn’t you noticed? We’re wearing quite a stylish new ensemble. The tireless RoadLoans team has rebuilt the public site from the ground up, given it a facelift, and strengthened the website inside and out. RoadLoans offers services of auto purchase financing and refinancing of existing auto loans, and a myriad of informative tools that help with the buying process. Everything under that umbrella got redesigned, and all with the goal of improving the customer experience, according to RoadLoans designer, Joseph Smietanski.… Read More

How To Buy A Car The Hassle-Free Way
How to Buy a Car—the Hassle-Free Way You hear a jarring noise and your beloved little car slows to a stop. You can't believe it; the two of you have been together for 12 years now (and no longer have a car loan!) and have been through so much. After taking your car to the shop to get it looked at, you find that the mechanic confirms your fears: your car has turned its wheels for the last time, and it is time to start looking for a new one. If you haven't experienced this scenario first-hand, either you know… Read More

Costs of car ownership worry millennial generation
The common wisdom that Gen Y consumers – those born between 1977 and 1994 – no longer are interested in automobiles doesn’t seem to hold water, suggests Deloitte’s study. They’re just practical about the costs of car ownership and other factors involved in owning vehicles. “Among Gen Y consumers who do not currently own or lease a vehicle, cost seems to be the main barrier – with most (80 percent) saying it is because they cannot afford it and three quarters citing high operational and maintenance costs,” reported Used Car News. “Affordability is the mantra for Gen Y consumers who… Read More

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to prevent shoppers from getting a car loan
Bankruptcy may seem like the end of the world if you need to purchase a new or used car, but it doesn’t have to be. While lenders are more reluctant, generally, to extend financing to someone with a bankruptcy on his or her credit report, it isn’t always the case, especially if you find a financing company that has a lot of experience working with people with less-than-perfect credit, including bankruptcy. “If you have recently gone through a bankruptcy and are now finding it difficult to obtain financing for an auto loan, don’t despair,” says RoadLoans, an online lender with… Read More

The new car myth and the truth about used cars
How many new cars are on our streets and highways at any one time? Give up? It’s a trick question. The answer is: virtually zero. Almost 100 percent are used cars considering that even the newest among them lost several thousand dollars in value as soon as they were driven off the dealership’s lot. Oh sure, we talk a good game (and countless words are written) about new cars. But even if you don’t take the description “new” literally and count any vehicle up to a year old as new, the vast majority of cars, trucks, crossovers, SUVs, etc., still… Read More

RoadLoans receives high rating from
RoadLoans is one of the best online auto lenders around. Pretty much what you would expect us to say on The Open Road blog, right? Well, as much as we believe that, there is more value to you in such a review when it comes from other customers (see our customer reviews), or, in this case, an independent product review group. “Finding an auto loan is no longer limited to what your current bank will offer or what the dealer brings to the table,” says “You can take control of your next auto loan terms by shopping online for the best deal available.… Read More

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