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Average fuel economy increases for new cars, TrueCar reports’s latest report on average fuel economy for new cars sold provides some otherwise hard-to-find good news in higher gasoline prices, which were running near their peak average nationally on Sept. 11. Fuel economy increased to 23.2 mpg in August “after four months of decline,” according to TrueCar. That “TrueMPG” represents an increase from 23.1 mpg in July and 21.7 mpg in August 2011. “Just four years ago, in August 2008, TruMPG was 20.3 mpg,” reported TrueCar describes itself as the authority on new car pricing information, trends and forecasting. "Relatively higher gas prices and attractive incentives helped improve… Read More

Auto sales showing real, continuing strength
New vehicle sales are putting some real muscle into the still-stumbling economy, led not by muscle cars, but by small cars and big trucks. The strong August sales figures for new vehicles suggest that the trend won’t change any time soon as some industry experts expect growth to continue into 2017. “Roughly 12.4 million new vehicles will be driven off dealer lots this year, according to the IBISWorld report,” says a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times online Sept. 5, the day after automakers reported their August sales figures. Those results showed double-digit sales at all five major… Read More

The 10 coolest rides under $18,000
The 10 Coolest Rides Under $18,000: Kelley Blue Book Cool is in the eye of the beholder. But auto industry experts at Kelley Blue Book: The Trusted Resource took a crack at the 10 coolest cars of 2012-2013 in a list published on the KBB website. Ten different manufacturers are represented on the list, more than half of which can claim an option of 40 mpg or greater. So, besides the low sticker price, they give drivers a break at the gas pump. “Whether you’re looking to express yourself through sheet metal, maximize your in-car connectivity or (re)discover the joy… Read More

Auto sales revved up in August
August Is Second-Best Month of 2012 for New Auto Sales That sound of revving car engines you heard in August might not have been your imagination. But most of the new engines, at least, would have been Japanese. In a report by Melodie Warner posted online by The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, “new U.S. car sales are expected to climb 20 percent in August” compared to a year earlier, when there was one less automobile selling day. forecast a slightly smaller rise in sales, with total sales expected to top 1.25 million cars and trucks. The increase was… Read More

Santander's Commitment to the Community
Santander's Commitment to the Community In addition to helping people get auto loan financing, Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA) is also involved in helping others through volunteer work. By participating in events like the annual Katy Trail 5K Run-Walk-Skate in Dallas, blood drives and The Dallas Heart Walk, SCUSA employees have been lending their time to help others through the commitment to the community project. Recently, in partnership with Random Acts of Kindness: SoupMobile, dozens of employees gathered to make 500 ham and cheese sandwiches, 500 bags of chips and 500 bags of cookies. The items were then boxed up and… Read More

NADA Video Recap
Though the 2012 NADA & ATD Convention & Expo has wrapped up, Santander Consumer USA Inc. continues to receive great feedback about the event. We've been posting video footage of conversations we had with dealers and attendees on our Santander YouTube page, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We also added a behind-the-scenes look at the two-story Santander booth, including footage of booth #1566 in the construction phases, and all of the activity from the red carpet. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in Orlando, Florida, at next year’s NADA event. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for Santander Consumer USA updates all… Read More

Santander Booth Named "Top Attraction" at NADA 2012
Wow, what a week! Not only did we experience Super Bowl Sunday, but the Super Bowl of all auto expos -- the NADA & ATD Convention & Expo -- has been in full swing. By all accounts, Santander Consumer USA Inc. could be crowned the MVP of the four-day event. Booth #1566, with its state-of-the-art, two-story, 1,800-square-foot design, has been a focal point of activity the entire time, as attendees have huddled up to compliment Santander and participate in a game called Santander Super Squares with prizes up to $500. The booth was recognized by an automotive publication at the expo, who picked it… Read More

NADA 2012 Days 2 and 3
Day 3 at this year’s NADA & ATD Convention & Expo in Las Vegas is going great for Santander Consumer USA. Carrying over the activities from Day 2, we are posting pictures from booth #1566 at our Santander Facebook page. We are also posting video of the NADA and interviews with Santander dealers. Check them out at our Santander YouTube page to get a live-action feel for how the SHOW is shaping up. On Day 2, we had a great time joining other social media attendees at the NADA-sponsored "Tweet Up." Speaking of, continue to follow our Twitter page as… Read More

Opening Day of NADA 2012
Today is the first day of the NADA & ATD Convention & Expo and Santander Consumer USA is in full convention mode. Our state-of-the-art, two-story booth (all 1,800 square feet) is seeing a bunch of activity and it’s been great reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. If you’re here, come by and see us at booth #1566. You can see pictures of the impressive booth at the Santander Facebook page. We’ll be tweeting and posting on Facebook all weekend, so be sure and follow us to keep up with all of the action at this year’s event. Read More

Building the 2012 NADA SHOW Booth
Santander Consumer USA Inc. has officially arrived at this year’s NADA & ATD Convention & Expo in Las Vegas. First order of business at NADA? Getting booth #1566 ready for its close-up. See pictures of the booth in the building stages at our Santander Facebook page. Read More