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Toyota, Honda, Ford ‘most reliable,’ CarMD says
Four of the most reliable cars on American roads are either recent model Toyotas or Hondas, with a Ford thrown in to spice up a list of the Top 5. That’s according to a “massive study” conducted by automobile repair diagnostics company, CarMD. Most reliable was the 2010 Toyota Corolla, followed by the 2008 Ford Taurus. The 2008 Toyota Yaris (3) and a pair of 2009 Hondas, the Pilot (4) and the Accord (5), also made the list of most reliable. Also among the Top 10 were two 2010 vehicles made by Subaru, the Forester (6) and Outback (10), and… Read More

Who will dominate U.S. auto sales this year?
Japanese automakers will produce six of the top seven vehicles sold in the United States in 2013, according to a projection by a firm that dispenses “insightful analysis and commentary for U.S. and global investors.” The rankings will be dominated by Honda, Toyota and Nissan, represented by the Accord, Civic and CR-V; Camry and Corolla, and Altima, respectively, predicts 24/7 Wall Street and reported by USA Today. The Japanese dominance will be interrupted only by the Ford F-150 pickup, projected to be the second-best seller for 2013, said the financial news website. Two more Fords – Fusion and Escape –… Read More

Which automaker manufactures the highest quality vehicles – VW, Toyota, Chrysler or Ford?
Volkswagen or Toyota. Toyota or Volkswagen. Both manufacturers have their fans and proponents, and there’s evidence to support them. Both automakers can stake a claim to leading important industry measures of quality. VW has the “best total quality” and Toyota the “fewest problems,” according to the 2012 Total Quality Awards compiled by Strategic Vision research group of San Diego, CA. Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Group follow VW in total quality, the research group reports, and Honda with three vehicles atop the ratings in their respective categories. “With near universal acceptance that manufacturers are running the tightest ‘quality race’ ever,… Read More

Scion, Honda most fuel-efficient cars for 2013
If driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle is among your New Year’s resolutions – and money is no object – plenty of options are available for 2013. Zachary Shahan at offers the “10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars” for the new year, “all electric, of course,” ranked by a combination of truly impressive city MPG and highway MPG that represent a tech-tonic shift in automobile mileage for the new millennium. Based on the EPA’s just-released fuel economy guide, the Scion iQ EV is the most fuel-efficient vehicle with a combined, ultra-stingy 121 Miles Per Gallon of gasoline, 138 MPG city and… Read More

New-car drivers fueling drop in gas consumption, pollution
  American drivers finally have had enough of gas-guzzling vehicles, it seems, based on evidence collected over the last five years. That also has fueled a significant decline in greenhouse gases – pollution. New vehicle models purchased last month – including all new cars, SUVs and light trucks – got 24.1 miles per gallon on average, The Washington Post’s “WonkBlog” reported Dec. 5. That compares with an average of just over 20 miles a gallon for new vehicles in fall of 2007. “New cars bought in the fall of 2012 are using about 15 percent less fuel per mile than cars… Read More

Best 2013 cars for Christmas under $25,000
Automobile makers have some Christmas fun each year posing their new vehicles with bows and ribbons, surrounded by snow, skiers, sleighs, happy families or other holiday trappings, in advertisements and TV commercials. Often the featured vehicles are among the priciest – luxury model or manufacturer. Of course, the goal is to entice Santa to make a big impression by putting one under the Christmas tree –or at least in the driveway – for the family to discover in the morning to their obvious delight. As exciting and impractical as that might seem, autobytel, automotive website, has offered its “10 Best… Read More

Sovereign-Santander presents $150,000 check to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts
PHILADELPHIA (PR Newswire) - Sovereign Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Santander, presented a $150,000 check to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  As the official bank of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sovereign-Santander presented the check at the Eagles' home game Dec. 13 against the Cincinnati Bengals of which Sovereign-Santander was the presenting sponsor. Jorge Moran, President and CEO of Sovereign Bank and Santander US Country head, presented the $150,000 check to the American Red Cross during the game. Accepting the donation was Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, CEO of the Southeastern Pennsylvania American Red Cross. This donation adds to… Read More

What is the best-selling vehicle in U.S.?
The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in November – all year, in fact – wasn’t a car. It was a pickup truck. With more than 56,000 purchased during the month, the Ford F-Series pickup topped the list of best-selling vehicles, according to figures compiled by the Market Data Center. The F-Series also leads year-to-date sales with nearly 580,000 vehicles driven off dealers’ lots in 2012. Though far behind the Ford F-Series, other top sellers in November – and their year-to-date sales – were Chevrolet Silverado pickup (30,674 and 367,613), the Honda Civic (30,075 and 284,791) and the Toyota Camry… Read More

eBay Motors Selects RoadLoans as its Online Lender
This just in ... eBay Motors, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive, has announced RoadLoans as its preferred online lender for providing financing options for shoppers. Visitors to the eBay Motors website will now be able to apply for auto financing through RoadLoans. See below for the official release.       eBay Motors offers customers greater purchase flexibility with the introduction of auto financing from RoadLoans eBay Motors, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive, is now providing financing options for shoppers through leading online auto lender RoadLoans. The new offering, pairing… Read More

‘Sandy’ an ill wind for used-car market
Hurricane Sandy might not be done wreaking havoc on the U.S. Next up: The used-car market, expected to suffer from the storm months after the fact. Analysts expect tens of thousands of cars to be scrapped because of storm damage, mainly flooding, saying the result is likely to be higher prices at used automobile lots nationally. Making matters worse, an estimated 16,000 new cars were destroyed in the New York area – but that figure doesn’t include losses by the “two biggest automakers by U.S. sales, General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co.,” which haven’t given estimates yet on the… Read More