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We all know that nobody's perfect, and even fewer people have perfect credit. Lots of companies claim to provide auto loans for less than perfect credit customers, but few can really follow through on that promise. If you have less than perfect credit and you need financing for an upcoming car purchase, it's important to be sure you do your research on the company you work with. If you don't, you may end up disappointed. Flash back a couple of years, when credit seemed to flow like water. It seemed that every auto dealer, every bank and credit union, and… Read More

Play-Doh is a magical mixture that holds youngster's attention spans for hours as they roll out intricate snakes and colorful balls, sculpt turtles and snails, cut out various shapes or make impressions from stray leaves, shells or sticks. Eight model makers recently took the pastime to a new level, when they hand-sculpted 1.5 tons of electric blue modeling clay into a life-size replica of the new Chevrolet Orlando, a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV),  five door, seven-seater car geared toward families. The project took two weeks, and was casually parked along a London street as part of the UK launch. ( The… Read More

Why do savvy consumers choose eloan auto loans over other types of financing options? An even better question is why more consumers don't choose eloans over the more traditional brick and mortar financing sources? Given the options available today, with so many companies offering financing at the click of a mouse, it just makes good sense to consider eloan financing for your next vehicle purchase. In the "good old days," someone who was shopping for a vehicle had only a couple of options when it came to financing. They could go to a dealership and take whatever was offered there. Dealerships generally have a few financing… Read More

There are many reasons you might need an auto loan early payoff calculator to figure out the loan payoff amount for your current vehicle loan. Maybe you're ready to replace your current vehicle, and need to know whether it's better to trade it in or try to sell your vehicle before you get another. Or perhaps you've received a lump sum -- a large tax refund or a bonus or inheritance -- and want to know how much interest you can save by paying off your loan earlier. Another good reason to use an auto loan early payoff calculator is… Read More

Some people wonder why it's important to prequalify for auto loan financing before beginning the process of purchasing a vehicle. It's a valid question, and one that even seasoned car shoppers sometimes ask. Consider a routine trip to the grocery store. You might just need a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, or you might need to buy several hundred dollars worth of groceries. But if you went to the grocery store, would you ever go out and intentionally leave your wallet at home? It's a ridiculous notion, but heading out to shop for a vehicle without first… Read More

Auto Loan Amortization Chart Tips and More Generally people look for an auto loan amortization chart when they are searching for an auto loan to purchase a vehicle. The concept of a chart that allows you to see how the interest on your loan gets amortized over time is a relatively old one. Before the quick online calculators, an amortization chart was a necessary thing. Before the quick calculations that spreadsheets and online forms provide, these handy tools gave customers and lenders alike a good idea what the terms of a particular loan would be, without having to resort to… Read More