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Car Loan Rate ComparisonIf you’re contemplating a new or used car purchase in the coming weeks or months, you might be looking for a car loan rate comparison to see how your current financing stacks up against the competition.You could call 8882224227 or 888-222-4227 for answers or apply online. Whether you’ve already secured financing or are still looking for someone to offer you a loan, doing a survey of interest rates is a great way to check on what kind of deal you’re getting.

It used to be that financing was more or less simple, with few options. You either went to the bank or credit union with which you regularly do business, or you asked the dealership to finance you (either through the manufacturer’s financing company or through some other captive finance company). The other option was to go to a “tote the note” place, where you paid much higher rates to finance the vehicle through the dealership itself. It was difficult to do an effective car loan rate comparison, because most of these lenders wouldn’t even talk to you unless you were ready to buy.

Today, all of the same players are still in place, and they all do a lot of the auto lending that takes place across the nation. But there are other companies that have broadened the field. Eloan providers, large and small, have brought an awful lot of lending power to the table. They specialize in providing auto loans, and most of them are more than happy to have customers shop around. They generally capitalize on relationships with larger companies who can provide virtually unlimited amounts of money to lend. They often have lower rates because they have lower overhead and they can make up the rate differences in volume. More competition between these various institutions means better rates for you, the consumer.

If you can get rates out of your local banking institutions, you can do a car loan rate comparison by comparing what they’re quoting with the rates you’ll find at one of the large eloan companies. Maybe they’ll be similar, and maybe they’ll be hugely different. The point is, you won’t know until you actually perform a car loan rate comparison. Only when you’re comparing apples to apples will you know what kind of deal you’re getting.

An “apples to apples” comparison is critical. Makes sure when you ask for rates, that you get quotes using identical terms and amounts. It’s amazing how rates can shift depending on the amount financed, or the length of the loan, or the amount being put as a down payment. If you control for these factors, though, you should have no trouble making your car loan rate comparison mean something. Get the information, then make your decision. Remember if you have questions for Santander Consumer USA you can call 888 222 4227

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