Car GIFs that will take you back. Grease, Bueller and The Dude.

This is one car GIF post that’s sure to invoke some vehicular nostalgia. Enjoy.


Cars and nostalgia seem to go hand in hand. Whether they call back to a bygone era …

Grease Lightning gif
Paramount Pictures / Via


… or just to a simpler time, …

Ferris Bueller car gif
Paramount Pictures / Via


… we seem to attach a lot of significance to cars. They might represent a team, …

Ghostbusters car ecto-1 gif
Columbia Pictures / Via


… a mission, …

Blues Brothers car gif
Universal Pictures / Via


… a powerful drive …

Mad Max car gif
Warner Bros. / Via


… or nothing at all.

Big Lebowski car gif
Gramercy Pictures / Via


Sometimes, we can’t help but imagine the things that used to capture us …

Transformers cartoon gif
Hasbro / Via
Speed Racer cartoon car gif
TransLux / Via
Old Batman car gif
Warner Bros. / Via


… all over again.

Transformers car gif
DreamWorks Pictures / Via
Speed Racer gif
Warner Bros. / Via
Batmobile gif
Warner Bros. / Via


And again, …

Batmobile cartoon gif
Warner Bros. / Via


… and again.

Batmobile Dark Knight gif
Warner Bros. / Via


Whether it’s the camaraderie, …

Wayne's World car gif
Paramount Pictures / Via


… or the journey …

Little Miss Sunshine van gif
Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via


… or sheer reckless adventure that they embody, …

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car gif
Warner Bros. / Via


… something about cars always seems to take us back.

Back to the Future DeLorean car gif
Universal Pictures / Via


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