Bad Credit Auto Loans, Unicorns and You

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Getting auto loans when you have – let’s be honest – bad credit can be like searching for legendary creatures. However, there is a key difference between legendary creatures and bad credit refinance auto loans for people with bad credit: one of the two actually exists. Here’s a handy guide to help our awesome readers tell the difference.


Bad Credit Auto Loans u

This is a picture of a unicorn. A unicorn is a horse with a single, spiral horn protruding from its forehead. Unicorns were first mentioned in Indika by Ctesias in the fifth century B.C., and they remain a prevalent figure in art, poetry, prose, and even heraldry. However, the unicorn is not a focus of study for animal biologists, because, as a legendary creature, it does not exist*.


Bad Credit Auto Loans n

This is a narwhal. The narwhal is a medium-sized whale, whose protruding, spiral tusk is reminiscent of the non-existent horn of a non-existent unicorn. If you encounter a narwhal, which you might, as narwhals do exist, do not attempt to ride it like a unicorn, which you couldn’t even do to a unicorn, because they don’t exist.


Bad Credit Auto Loans f

This picture represents a typical family of four. Despite having bad credit, stemming from conditions both under and out of their control, they have received an auto loan from what is called a full-spectrum lender. Full-spectrum lenders exist, and they specialize in dealing with borrowers who have credit levels of every kind: very poor (or even non-existent) credit, all the way up to very good credit.

NOTE: This family does not exist. They are very nice professional models. However, many families like them do exist, and more importantly, the auto loans for them exist. Full-spectrum lenders, like RoadLoans, may be able to make auto loan offers to people with bad credit. And they offer the added benefit of having financing already established before you arrive at a dealership, allowing you to shop for your car as if you are a cash buyer.


* If any of our readers are, in fact, unicorns, Yeti, mer-persons, dragons, Sasquatches, ghosts, chupacabras, jackalopes, hounds Baskervillian, or any type of chimera, then you have our sincerest apologies for not believing in you. If, as a legendary creature, you find that the dubious nature of your existence has harmed your credit score, and you need an auto loan, please apply at We’ll see what we can do.

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