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Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related.


With the holidays upon us, a season of movies as well as good cheer, here is a recap of auto news from the big and small screens since the RoadLoans news tour took to the highways earlier this year.


Fiat debuts Star Wars-themed 500e at LA Auto Show,” Motor Trend

Something for the ultimate Star Wars fan to show their colors on the road. The diminutive Fiat 500e was cast in a new light at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, where a model customized inside and out to mimic a stormtrooper, was on display. The latest installment of the movie franchise, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” was released this month, in case you hadn’t heard.

Read the full article in Motor Trend


Our best look yet at the latest Batmobile,” Autoblog

You may have to wait until March 26, 2016, for the release of the next Batman movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but go right ahead and check out its four-wheeled star in this video.

Read the full article in Autoblog


Vin Diesel promises Fast & Furious fans one final trilogy,” The Verge

Vin Diesel announced on Facebook that a final trilogy would bring the hugely popular franchise to a close, The Verge reported in September. Not such a fast finish but understandable from Universal Pictures’ point of view: the last movie “Furious 7” earned $1.5 billion worldwide.

Read the full article in The Verge


Great Scott! The story behind the car that made time travel stylish,” CNN

A momentous occasion for fans of the much-loved DeLorean car, Back to the Future Day took place on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. In the movie “Back to the Future Part II,” it was the day to which Marty McFly time-traveled to save his unborn children. And it was the cult DeLorean car that took him there. The silver screen DeLorean was based on a real production car, built in Northern Ireland, of which 6,000 remain today.

Read the story behind the much-loved car in CNN.


KITT rides again in Knight Rider Heroes trailer,” Autoblog

Knight Rider and KITT may be roaring onto screens again in a new project that’s underway. A trailer has been released for “Knight Rider Heroes” that “looks to revive some of the fun of the classic ‘80s show reuniting KITT and David Hasselhoff.” Whether it will be a “movie, TV show, or anything else” has not been confirmed, but KITT, the talkative automotive star, is still a Pontiac Trans-Am, and Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight.

Watch the trailer and read the full article in Autoblog


See you next week for more automotive news. Drive safe.

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