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Top 6 personalities you might encounter when buying or selling a vehicle
Honestly, whether you're the person selling your car, or the person buying a car, as from a dealership or a private seller, the buyer-seller interpersonal dynamic is fraught with issues. Is the experience really so bad? Nah. Most likely, things will turn out pretty much as expected, and you MIGHT have one or two lingering disappointments that you soon deal with or forget about. But what are the troublesome personalities that you can look out for, and how do you deal with them? Fear not. Answers are here. The buyers The hummm bug She sounds interested, but has probably already… Read More

Valentine’s Day car gifts for 2015
Let us help you get something for that special someone, for that object of love and affection in your life, for that beautiful soul - who drives a car. Tile ($25) - The key to using a car is … well, the keys. And losing one's keys can lead to losing one's mind. What a difference having or losing such a tiny thing can make! Among a field of similar offerings, the new GPS microtracker, Tile is a simple solution to a potentially disastrous problem. Simply attach the small tag to keys or any… Read More

Save lives by reducing distracted driving | Drive Safe 2015
Over the last hundred years, cars have transformed the way our society functions. Vast highways connect our lives to places and people that we love. RoadLoans helps people tap into this amazing resource by providing car loans and refinancing for auto loans. With easy access to a car, people have the ability to expand their world and the resources available to them. However, despite advancements in auto safety technology, there will always be the danger of human error. As we move into 2015, it is important to reflect back on the previous year and evaluate ourselves from both a personal… Read More

Super Bowl 2015 TV ads – all about the cars
UPDATED: Now that we are post-Bowl, we’re updating to show our favorites among the ads that actually aired. The Super Bowl of football is also the Super Bowl of advertising. That's right, it's the Super Bowl of both. (What? Did you think I was going to call it the "Championship of advertising?" That would be dumb.) Well, just like we loved doing last year for the World Cup, now we're covering the car-related TV spots that aired during the biggest game of the year. For car ads, here's what we saw (and loved): In our humble opinion, the pack leader… Read More

Well, we've told you about why you should attend an auto show, and we've even told you how to have the best experience at one. Now we’re going to talk about some you should think about going to. There are a lot of great car shows out there. Car manufacturers are serious about putting their best foot forward, and this is one of the places that they know they can do it, where the only expectations are to eat junk food, be dazzled and have fun. Washington Auto Show, Washington D.C. – Jan. 23… Read More

Lower your monthly payments by boosting your down payment
Getting a car loan that fits your current financial situation can be tricky, especially if you have low monthly income. If you need a car loan with payments that you can afford every month, there are two things you should consider before buying: A less-expensive car This one seems obvious, but it's important to consider it a rule rather than a guideline, if keeping payments low is your goal. RELATED: Why car shoppers must be determined to get an affordable new or used vehicle In thinking of your vehicle purchase price limit as a rule rather than a guideline, you… Read More

Quarterbacks of the 2015 NFL playoffs and the cars that resemble them
The NFL Super Bowl and NFL Pro Bowl are right around the corner. Now it's just a matter of choosing your favorite chips and salsa, and claiming the end of the couch you'll be occupying to avoid in-game seating conflicts. We love a good game, but we're pretty crazy about cars, too. So we've got a list with which we think you'll agree. These cars are the perfect ride for each of the playoff quarterbacks with whom we've matched them. And if you disagree, you're just plain wrong.     Quarterback: Tom Brady, New England Patriots Car: 1998 Honda Accord… Read More

Throwing the perfect Super Bowl party
The Super Bowl is the big game, literally and figuratively. So it deserves a big party. But what does it take to throw a great one? Less than you might think. It may take no more than a visible television and some good food, but of course, that special little ingredient always helps - pizzazz. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this year, think of it as an opportunity for a little showmanship, and your guests will just love it and won't forget it. Let's take a look at a few of the great ideas out there for adding… Read More

Top 8 road trip cities of 2014
Last year was a great one for road trips, and we see no end to that trend in 2015. Let's review that open road goodness, and take a look at a short list of the destinations – and their origin cities - most often mentioned by some of the Web's most prolific travel sites. This list of the lists combines mentions from some of the most popular road trip lists posted on the internet*. Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), beginning in Los Angeles - These world-renowned, winding California roads boast amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and meander through coastal… Read More

Tax returns and auto loans – a good match
Friends, tax season has begun*. Contrary to what you may want to do, or what the name implies that you might do, this does not mean that you can hunt and shoot your tax forms. No, it means that Americans will sit down and join the federal government in the annual process of calculating and reconciling their federal income tax burden. Well, if you own a car, or if you're in the market for a new car loan, then you should know something about tax season: it mixes well with car ownership. There are a few reasons for this: If… Read More