Road trip: Western calm in wine country
If there is one mantra that Texans have unwittingly adopted in the summer months, it’s this: get out of the heat. For at least a week. From Seaside, FL, to Colorado to California, Texans flee from June through August to places that provide relief from the non-stop 100-degree days that define the Texas summer. This year my family and I traveled to northern California. My husband and I are long-time lovers of the Bay Area, wine country and the Pacific Ocean, so we opted to make Bodega Bay (of Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds, fame) our base, and then took day… Read More

Road Trip: Traveling the ‘Blue Highways’ of Texas
When I was in high school, one of my favorite summer reading assignments was “Blue Highways – A Journey into America,” by William Least Heat-Moon. This non-fiction treasure was so named because of the off-the-interstate “blue” marked highways that appeared in the Rand McNally road atlas. Recently, my family and I embarked on our own blue-highway road trip from Dallas to the Tuscan-like terrain of Texas Hill Country. While we could have made the journey to Kerrville, Texas, on the direct (and boring, and traffic-clogged) route of Interstate-35, we… Read More