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LaQuenda Jackson

<p>LaQuenda Jackson is a sr. copywriter for Santander Consumer USA, an auto finance company based in Dallas, TX. She received her Bachelors in Journalism from Southern Methodist University in 1993. She began her career in communications as a television reporter and anchor in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Jackson continued in the news arena working in markets like Shreveport, Louisiana, covering the Oklahoma City bombing trials while reporting in Oklahoma City, and finally returning to her hometown of Dallas to report for KXAS- TV, Channel 5. </p> <p>After almost 10 years in the news business, Jackson set her sights on education and became and English teacher, eventually earning her masters degree in educational administration. Before continuing to climb the educational ladder, she was offered the chance to help build out the communications and marketing department at Santander Consumer USA and serve as sr. copywriter, working on various projects including social media, email newsletters and corporate videos. In addition to writing for her company, she also creates email newsletters and social media content for her church. Jackson is also the author of her very own blog and manages social media pages for several different entities and organizations.</p> <p>Jackson currently lives in Dallas, TX, with her three children, Jack, Reese and Westley. When she isn’t working, she is probably helping with a science project, going to a soccer game or taking in a school function with her children. </p> <p>For more information, LaQuenda Jackson can be contacted at</p>
Downtown Atlanta.
  It was sort of a last-minute idea. My husband hadn’t seen his Atlanta-based sister and nephew in quite a few years and his sister hadn’t ever met our youngest, 7-year-old Westley. So, what better way to catch up with far-away family than with an impromptu road trip? In addition to a sister, my husband’s nephew and family of four also lived near Atlanta, in the northern suburb of Alpharetta. So, we’d decided to make an event of it. It would be a holiday family… Read More

A 1983 – 87 Ford Crown Victoria in all its glory. Credit:
  I grew up living with my grandmother, so I knew that my first car wouldn’t be anything special. But, I was still excited when “Momma Nancy” told me that she had a friend who was getting rid of his old car. Most of my friends had gotten their cars while in high school, and here I was in college and still no wheels. I had saved up a little money from my summer job, but it wasn’t going to be enough to… Read More

How car repossession works
  Whether used for work or play, the automobile is a staple of American society. With many drivers getting on the road thanks to financing, so too is the monthly car payment. It’s not always a smooth ride though, and something like car repossession can be a big obstacle to negotiate.* What is car repossession? When you signed for that loan or lease, you signed a contract that gave the creditor or lessor rights until the vehicle is paid off, or until the lease ends. If you don’t fulfill your obligations, like meeting your payments, the creditor may have the… Read More

Road trip: A Letter from Camp Rockmont
Being from Texas, I always thought that the Hill Country was pretty nice. The rolling slopes that pave the way between Waco and Austin seem like a big to-do when you’re used to the flatlands of Dallas. But the Hill Country is nothing compared to what awaited my son and me in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was my nine-year-old son’s first sleep-away camp. He and a classmate registered to attend Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, near Asheville. I had done a little research on the camp, but didn’t really put any time into researching the area. I knew that… Read More

An American Holiday in the French Quarter
So flying to New Orleans to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend may not technically qualify as a “road trip,” but surely tackling the streets of the French Quarter on foot should count for something, right? However, when visiting the French Quarter, the emphasis should definitely be on the word “trip” rather than “road.” This wasn’t my first time going to the Crescent City, but it was my first visit during the Fourth of July. As usual, there were several factions of people invading the Quarter. You had your conventiongoers, your family reunion/vacation groups and then your general revelers, e.g.… Read More

RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 2)
RoadLoans wants to create a car-buying experience that meets the needs of our customers, and empowers them to make the best decision for their lives, as we described in Part 1 of “RoadLoans – Who we are.” Part 2 of “Who we are” is about how we have tried to incorporate the most innovative technology available to improve the online experience. “We receive thousands of applications every month,” said Scott Rundle, V.P. of Direct Originations for RoadLoans. “Because of the volume, it’s important that we employ every technical advantage we have to create the best online experience possible.” Convenience is… Read More

RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 1)
There are a lot of things you probably already know about RoadLoans – that we are one of the leading sources for online auto and truck financing, that we provide financing for customers nationwide, and that we don’t mind working with people who have challenging credit histories. But what you may not know is why we do what we do. Our aim is to help people get into cars and, as a result, improve their quality of life. Sounds a little too emotional for a financial services company, right? Well the truth is, we don’t want to be thought of… Read More

Used vehicles – navigating the shifting currents of in-car technology and value
New technology in the dashboard comes at a premium when cars are sold new, but it can be an entirely different story when a used vehicle is resold after four or five years. That big bright screen with the navigation system may have been top of the line in 2008, but there are newer systems today that make in-car technology in older used vehicles look positively antique. Joe Spina, senior analyst with, says that the age of the technology definitely affects the value of a car. “On a newer vehicle, technology helps the value. But generally speaking, these types… Read More

The best family vehicles of 2013 [Infographic]
The family is growing, and you need more space.  Not in the house, but in the car. Your bachelor-mobile was great for date night, but now you have to think about diaper bags, car seats, soccer balls and grocery trips. The two-seater is no longer suitable for your family lifestyle. Well, RoadLoans is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the best family vehicles of 2013. You might think it’s just the top ten minivans, but our list has vehicles of all shapes, sizes and prices to compliment the various dimensions of today’s families. Read More

Road Trip: Going to Galveston a family tradition
It has become a tradition. Every year, I take my kids to Galveston for an end-of-summer weekend. The beach city is about a five-hour road trip from where we live, so when you’re short on vacation time and money, it’s a quick, affordable getaway. Now, while I normally dread the idea of driving my 8-, 6- and 4-year-old anywhere that takes longer than 30 minutes, this road trip doesn’t give me indigestion. Besides the bucket load of electronics I have to keep them busy, there are a few stops along the road… Read More

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