9 of the easiest cars to park for the holiday shopping season, and beyond


As the holiday season is in full swing, we must begin to think about our special plans. Whether it be a holiday trip with the family, cooking your favorite dishes, or buying presents, the holidays can bring about a lot of chaos in everyone’s daily lives. With crowded malls and streets filled with shoppers, families, and sometimes tourists, many people do whatever they can to avoid these crowds.

However, as the streets get icy and more crowded with holiday errand-runners, we are hoping to help you remove a little stress from your lives. For the big city, or a full mall parking lot, we have selected some of the easiest cars to park for the holiday shopping season. So, hopefully, you will be able to navigate through the wonderful craziness of the holidays with ease.


Toyota Yaris. Credit: Toyota


Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is an extremely compact model with great parking features and the ability to turn well in small spaces. The windows are easy to see out of, and the car is equipped with a camera to help when backing into small spaces. Toyota calls this model “a stress-free take on urban driving.”

Smart Fortwo

Smart are known for their tiny vehicles, which are some of the smallest cars on the road. I have experience driving this car using car2go, a popular car sharing service that’s part of the Daimler AG group. From my experience, the Fortwo fits almost anywhere, including some of the smallest spaces. Smart cars are also credited with having great steering-wheel handling. Incidentally, a great holiday gift idea for a friend or family without a car would be a car2go membership. It is quite inexpensive and easy to use, and allows millions of Americans to “go green.”

Fiat 500

We are happy to welcome the Fiat back to America, especially since we can park their cars with such ease. This model takes up less space than almost every other new vehicle on the road today, being only a bit wider than the Smart Fortwo. With a bit more interior and luggage space than the Smart car, you might even pack the family in for the holidays with room for some luggage or gifts in the back! Other features include: great fuel ratings, great turning radius, and great visibility from all windows.

Mini Cooper

One of the most stylish and retro-looking small cars, this adorable British-made vehicle involves engaging driving dynamics, allowing good control of the car. The large windows also allow great visibility for the driver when parking for a little holiday shopping. The Mini looks super-cute and cozy on the roads for the “hip commuter,” too. (It would look even better with a large red Christmas bow on the top!)

Nissan Cube

The Cube fits five passengers making it well equipped for holiday road trips, without being too massive. It also offers plentiful luggage space for big winter coats or gifts for the family. It has a small turning circle, allowing you to swing into a variety of parking spots. While the Cube is no longer available new, it’s a very practical ride for any driver looking for a used vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf

This small to medium-sized car offers a large trunk space and enough room for passengers without taking up too much room on the roads. It features large, deep windows that leave minimal blind spots. Most Volkswagen models are attributed with light steering and great lightweight pedals. As a Volkswagen owner, I know that these cars have great handling and parking features. They’re also equipped with a rearview camera, with images shown on the dashboard display, and park assist that alerts you when you are getting too close to objects around you.


Infiniti QX50. Credit: Infiniti


Infiniti QX50 and QX70

These Infiniti crossovers are each equipped with four cameras, one for every side, to give an amazing 360-degree view of objects or cars around them. The cameras can easily locate wheel-bending curbs, low-vision spots, and other vehicles. As larger models, the QX50 and QX70 are nice options for those of you needing to fit more in your car, while still being able to navigate and park with ease.

BMW 5 Series

This BMW model comes with a standard back-up camera to make light work of reversing. Most new models are available with special side-view cameras on each bumper that give the driver a view of streets around corners or walls. This capability allows the driver access to an advanced view out of narrow openings or obstructed areas, so they can see oncoming traffic before pulling out or turning. It’s a handy feature when heading into the holiday shopping traffic.

Whether you are buying a new car for yourself, as a gift, or looking to rent for a holiday vacation, keep these models in mind if you want a car that will be easy to park in any destination. It can only make your holiday season all the better, and hopefully reduce some unneeded stress.

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