5 things to love about the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

An event so spectacular it is commonly referred to as “wacky” will soon be hosted in Tokyo. It is a sight to see. Even if you cannot manage a last-minute trip to Japan, I would suggest tuning in online to check out the events occurring at the 44th Annual Tokyo Motor Show, from October 29 to November 8.

The theme for this year’s event − “Technology + Fantasy” − is guaranteed to amaze as always. Regarded as one of the top five motor shows in the world, the event provides a dazzling display, not only of the latest motor vehicle inventions, but also the most revolutionary advancements in technology.

Some exciting things to expect from this year’s show include:

Photo: Nissan
1 Nissan Teatro for Dayz
Nissan is presenting an interesting new concept car, with an even more interesting name. The Teatro for Dayz complements society’s strong emphasis on technology in the modern day. With the assist of self-driven technology, the driver and any passengers can experience social media that is presented all over their car, right in front of their eyes. The car essentially functions as a screen so they can participate in social media as an interactive experience, without the dangers of distracted driving.

Photo: KBB.com

2 Toyota Kikai
The Kikai concept puts an extremely modern twist on a traditional car design, with a hot-rod themed look to the car, topped with transparent components. This traditional-looking car shows the interior mechanisms of a vehicle as never done before. You can see the inner workings of the car and even look down to see the street passing below your feet. This unique design emphasizes the machinery of the vehicle, tying back to the roots of traditional cars and the evolution of modern car mechanics.

3 Mazda sports car
Not much is known about this particular concept car before the reveal, except that it is rumored to have a rotary engine. This would be a move toward incorporating prior Mazda successes into new, trendsetting products. The prospect of a new Mazda sports car just exudes excitement and should spark interest as people look to see what Mazda has in store for this market.

4 Kirobo Mini robot
Among the more wacky items, a robot is thrown into the mix of trends being presented at the show. Toyota’s mini robot fits into a person’s hand and is described by the Japanese automaker as a “communication partner” which can be taken wherever the owner goes, and communicates in a meaningful way. As it detects a smiling face, the adorable tiny robot approaches the subject with open arms, as if to give them a tiny hug.

5 Isuzu Giga Fried Potato Car
It’s not a concept car, or a robot. The Isuzu Giga Friend Potato Car is one of 12 commemorative Tomica toys on sale. A fun little treat for the French fry lovers out there. There is not much to say about this vehicle, other than the design. It’s a funny little truck with a pack of French fries trailing behind it.

I can definitely see the ideas of “Technology + Fantasy” infused in the quirky cars and exhibits to be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show. I am excited to see what else will be revealed at the 44th annual celebration, and look forward to when we might see some of the new product features show up in dealer showrooms.

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