4 Things first-time car buyers should know


Walking into a dealership with the correct documentation, information and knowledge to purchase a car is a big help, especially for a first-time car buyer. Here are four important points to keep in mind to save time and reduce stress:


Never buy a car without doing some type of research. Walking into a dealership and aimlessly walking around as if you are shopping for clothes will leave you a disappointed customer. When researching, it is best to take everything into consideration (wants/needs). Creating a chart of the elements of the car that you can and cannot go without will allow you to narrow the search when getting close to buying the car.

Apply for preapproval:

If preapproved for a car loan, walking into a dealership knowing the terms of the loan, including the interest rate, is like a student who studies throughout the semester. Comparatively, showing up to the dealership and allowing the salesperson to dictate to you what you can afford is similar to a student cramming all night the day before the test, and showing up on the day hoping what they studied the night before is on the test paper. Prepare yourself, recommends the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, by applying for preapproval before you shop. Online lenders like RoadLoans enable you to apply for a loan in minutes.


Many people have a desired car in mind when going to the dealership but, before making any final decisions, it is helpful to take the car on a test drive. Making sure you fit in the car comfortably, can handle the car and like how it rides are some of the things that you should take into consideration when purchasing a car.

Get your price:

In a way, car buying is similar to shopping for groceries. Before walking into the store, you have the option to stick to the shopping list or deviate and end up spending significantly more than you planned. Similarly, in a dealership there is a vehicle price, which may be negotiable, and then there are optional extras and add-ons. Knowing your budget and taking your prior research into account, you are better able to decide whether to stick to your list or opt for extras.

Purchasing a car can be one of the most rewarding, and sometimes stressful, times in an individual’s life. Preparation is likely to alleviate much of the stress, producing an experience that may be simply rewarding. Making a large purchase such as this is without a doubt a milestone in life, but it is absolutely critical that as a buyer you are prepared.

-Brent Battle


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