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How to calculate gas cost for a trip
    It’s easy to jump in the car and just drive, but when you’re taking a road trip, or even starting a new commute, a little planning goes a long way. Calculating the gas cost of a trip is a smart trick to budget travel expenses, and there are a couple of routes you can take. One is doing it by hand, which can be completed in a few simple steps and gives you some useful know-how, while the other is using an online gas cost calculator. For that, you’ll need a few basic details about your car.  … Read More

Labor Day car sales
  … and how to save time when you’re there.     With the end of summer near, Labor Day marks a time of change, and, for car buyers, that presents one of the best times of year to shop. Many 2019-model-year cars are arriving at dealerships, which makes it a good weekend to check out the latest vehicles. It also means dealers are looking to move 2018 models to make space for them, and that spells great deals and discounts. With dealerships across the country offering sales events for limited periods, expect them to be busier than normal over… Read More

What RoadLoans’ place within one of the world’s largest banks means for our customers
  When choosing a lender for a major purchase such as a car, besides finding the right loan terms, you’ll probably want a company that offers a smooth, easy process, and is one you can trust. RoadLoans ticks each of these important boxes for customers and part of the reason is that we’re an established, forward-thinking lender, and a part of one of the largest banking groups in the world. We’re the online, direct-lending platform of Dallas-based auto lender Santander Consumer USA (SC), which in turn is under the umbrella of Spain’s Banco Santander, the world’s 16th largest bank by… Read More

Getting a car loan with bad credit may be easier than you think
  You might think getting a car loan with bad credit* is a long and difficult journey. Poor credit can cause some bumps in the road but it’s still possible for many people in this situation to get auto financing that won’t break the bank.† Here are five easy-to-remember tips that may help you qualify for a loan.   5 Simple tips for getting a car loan with bad credit Be realistic about what vehicle you can afford and what a lender may be willing to finance. Consider a used car rather than a new one, and an older model… Read More

Back to school driving safety tips
  As millions of students prepare to head back to school, parents and students alike will be changing their morning routines including packing their bags, getting dressed, and driving over to school. Whether for a parent driver or a student behind the wheel, here are a few tips to consider for back-to-school driving safety.   Be aware and control your speed In the areas surrounding a school there are always many kids walking around, bike riders, and stop-and-go cars trying to drop their passengers off for school. With this craziness, driving quickly through these areas can be tricky and often… Read More

Top 12 songs to sing in the car
  Singing at the top of your lungs to a favorite tune as you cruise down the highway is one of the true pleasures of driving. Behind the wheel, master of your own destiny, or at least your next destination, and with the scenery flickering by, it can turn a good journey into a great one. To fuel more happy trips to come, we’ve put together a dozen recommendations from well-versed in-the-car-singers here at RoadLoans and parent company Santander Consumer USA. Check out what makes these tracks special and take our Spotify playlist for a spin!   “Three… Read More